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Event – OH!2011 (Open House 2011)


If I can get $1 for everytime I hear someone complain how there’s absolutely nothing to do in Singapore, I’ll probably be able to land my hands on the latest IT bag.

Let’s be honest – after the countdown in a few days time, we probably will start to lament about the lack of “happening” activities again. So, being the resident lifestyle blogger, I think it’s my civic duty to introduce OH!2011 – Open House 2011.

So what is Open House 2011? I was pretty intrigued by the commentary and recommendation made by a friend of mine at her blog so I went snooping around.

This is an event happening on 8,9, 15 and 16 January 2011 from 4pm-8pm in Marine Parade CC Plaza. The concept is to introduce complete strangers into 6 Marine Parade flats transformed into art galleries by 12 artists. It’s in their words. “an arts walkabout”.

I think the idea of an arts walkabout is so fresh and intriguing for voyeuristic Singaporeans and an excellent way of personalising art and making art accessible. My kind of thing totally. For $10, you get to explore all 6 flats in a day, soak in the culture of Marine Parade alongside with 12 young artists’ interpretation of the houseowners’ personalities.

Map of the 6 Marine Parade flats-turned galleries on OH!2011

$10 probably can’t get you a movie ticket to some slapstick movie at the cinema, so why not head onto this event and be truly artsy? Great way to start your 2011, me thinks.

For more information, head onto their website or their Facebook page at!/ohopenhouse.

Alternatively, you can check out Art in Asia’s article on this event

I will definitely be heading there with some of my girls so I will follow up with a review of this event, post Open House.

Review: Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream


Yes, I’m the other author who uses the other Bio-essence cream.

Here are some of my facial grouses: My skin’s oily and my face is “Bread Face” (面包脸) according to Gigi Lai, the former Bio-essence spokeperson.

Decided to buy Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream boasting of bird’s nest and Nanogold as its active ingredients, as I had some vouchers and Watsons’ had a massive sale.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Range (Thanks to: Life Little Tales)

My verdict:

Kudos to the gel-like texture that “melts” into my skin once I apply it after my moisturiser and before my sunscreen. It’s essential to massage the gel in circular motion to drain excessive fluids from the lymphatic vessels, causing the bloatedness of “bread face”.

For those interested in facial massage techniques 🙂

My colleagues noticed me for my slimmer face before I mentioned any use of face lifting cream. I was pretty pleased (oh-okay I admit, I am damn pleased!) since I did not have the discipline/courage to measure the width of my face.

Slimming aside, I feel that my skin has become more supple and less oily. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of more suitable skin care or just this product.

Nay to the packaging – I would prefer a pump/dropper packaging as compared to this container so I can control the amount I use each time.

Overall: 3.5/5 It helps to firm up the skin but it is probable that facial massage techniques played a part as well.

Next up, I would want to try the Eye-serum which I heard so much rave reviews about.

Review: Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream (Pine Pollen)


I blogged about this on my own blog before. but that was brief so i’ll rewrite it again.
after watching 女人我最大, they used this cream on the model and the result was instant!!

as you know im damn despo to make my fat face thinner, so i managed to lay my hands on this cream!

it even comes with a measuring tape! thats how confident they are of proving it works. in the show’s words, 好大胆喔!!
so i start with measuring the size before i put the creme. from the middle part under my nose to the bottom of my earlobes.

reading: 13cm

after which i use the applicator and spread generous amt over my cheeks. then using my index and middle fingers from both hands, i spread and massage the creme in circular motion for 10 mins.
first thing which i dont like : the menthol composition of the cream really stings my face. i hate menthol man!! but i bear with it la. maybe my skin too dehydrated.

then i waited for another 5 min or so. wanted it to be longer but i cannot take the sting.
so i washed it off. washing can be tricky cos its really oily creamy kinda texture. i had to wipe it off with tissue, wash with cleanser, then towel my face dry.
i was excited to measure again.


not bad right!!
this is the 2nd or 3rd time im using this. the last time i used, it was 13cm to 12cm. so basically the face will expand back to original size.
maybe, maybe, need to use regulary. i used like 3 times in 2 months.
cos another author from this blog uses the Bird Nest’s one everyday and her face become smaller!

i give this 1.5 out of 5 stars. nay to menthol, oily cream.

Review: Holika Holika Egg Soap


Hello! as you might already know, recently im siao over korean/jap skincare pdts…. and of cos i will read lotsa reviews before buying them. but still, nothing beats my own experience right?

im not much of a writer, but i shall attemp at my first review of this cleanser that was very raved about and forever out of stock online. its the Holika Holika Egg Soap!

i was using the Fancl Washing Powder before this and was looking fwd to finishing it so that i can start using this soap! and yesterday was my first time!! i didnt capture photos of the experience so this photo was just taken when i woke up.

yups, so what im suppose to do is just wet the soap, and foam will lather from the surface of the eggs. Yes, like many blogs says, the smell is really clean and refreshing. after a rich lather is formed, i spread the lather all over my face and massage.

next is the part where i feel strange… rinsing. i was rinsing the lather off and as i rinse, i can hear and feel something squeaky between my hands and my face. its like rubbing your hands on a balloon (inflated). i can really hear the squeaks! strange right!! the only thought that came to my mind is if there is any subtance residing on my skin that creates this ‘layer’ of balloon skin haha.

after drying my face, its no longer squeaky, but im certain the subtance is there =X. my face feels clean, not tight or dry, and smooth!

i dont know why my camera dont capture my flaws. i have lots of enlarged pores and blackheads on my nose and its surroundings. i read that this soap can reduce blackheads man!! well its only my 2nd time using so i can only tell a few weeks later.

In any case, this is a great soap! i give this 3.9/5! i deduct 1 point for the squeaky rubbery sound which i am rather bothered about. and 0.1 point for storage issues in the bathroom. the casing it came with is made of cardboard so no way i can leave that and get all drenched in my tiny bathroom. so i had to find a plastic container and store that in the bathroom.

If you wish to buy this egg soap, you can get it here the owner Zhen is really nice and lovely and generous with samples 🙂 warning: the site is addictive!