Review: Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream (Pine Pollen)


I blogged about this on my own blog before. but that was brief so i’ll rewrite it again.
after watching 女人我最大, they used this cream on the model and the result was instant!!

as you know im damn despo to make my fat face thinner, so i managed to lay my hands on this cream!

it even comes with a measuring tape! thats how confident they are of proving it works. in the show’s words, 好大胆喔!!
so i start with measuring the size before i put the creme. from the middle part under my nose to the bottom of my earlobes.

reading: 13cm

after which i use the applicator and spread generous amt over my cheeks. then using my index and middle fingers from both hands, i spread and massage the creme in circular motion for 10 mins.
first thing which i dont like : the menthol composition of the cream really stings my face. i hate menthol man!! but i bear with it la. maybe my skin too dehydrated.

then i waited for another 5 min or so. wanted it to be longer but i cannot take the sting.
so i washed it off. washing can be tricky cos its really oily creamy kinda texture. i had to wipe it off with tissue, wash with cleanser, then towel my face dry.
i was excited to measure again.


not bad right!!
this is the 2nd or 3rd time im using this. the last time i used, it was 13cm to 12cm. so basically the face will expand back to original size.
maybe, maybe, need to use regulary. i used like 3 times in 2 months.
cos another author from this blog uses the Bird Nest’s one everyday and her face become smaller!

i give this 1.5 out of 5 stars. nay to menthol, oily cream.


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