Event – OH!2011 (Open House 2011)


If I can get $1 for everytime I hear someone complain how there’s absolutely nothing to do in Singapore, I’ll probably be able to land my hands on the latest IT bag.

Let’s be honest – after the countdown in a few days time, we probably will start to lament about the lack of “happening” activities again. So, being the resident lifestyle blogger, I think it’s my civic duty to introduce OH!2011 – Open House 2011.

So what is Open House 2011? I was pretty intrigued by the commentary and recommendation made by a friend of mine at her blog so I went snooping around.

This is an event happening on 8,9, 15 and 16 January 2011 from 4pm-8pm in Marine Parade CC Plaza. The concept is to introduce complete strangers into 6 Marine Parade flats transformed into art galleries by 12 artists. It’s in their words. “an arts walkabout”.

I think the idea of an arts walkabout is so fresh and intriguing for voyeuristic Singaporeans and an excellent way of personalising art and making art accessible. My kind of thing totally. For $10, you get to explore all 6 flats in a day, soak in the culture of Marine Parade alongside with 12 young artists’ interpretation of the houseowners’ personalities.

Map of the 6 Marine Parade flats-turned galleries on OH!2011

$10 probably can’t get you a movie ticket to some slapstick movie at the cinema, so why not head onto this event and be truly artsy? Great way to start your 2011, me thinks.

For more information, head onto their website www.ohopenhouse.com or their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ohopenhouse.

Alternatively, you can check out Art in Asia’s article on this event http://www.artinasia.com/galleryDetail.php?catID=0&galleryID=2198&view=7&eventID=7370.

I will definitely be heading there with some of my girls so I will follow up with a review of this event, post Open House.

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