Review: Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream


Yes, I’m the other author who uses the other Bio-essence cream.

Here are some of my facial grouses: My skin’s oily and my face is “Bread Face” (面包脸) according to Gigi Lai, the former Bio-essence spokeperson.

Decided to buy Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream boasting of bird’s nest and Nanogold as its active ingredients, as I had some vouchers and Watsons’ had a massive sale.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Range (Thanks to: Life Little Tales)

My verdict:

Kudos to the gel-like texture that “melts” into my skin once I apply it after my moisturiser and before my sunscreen. It’s essential to massage the gel in circular motion to drain excessive fluids from the lymphatic vessels, causing the bloatedness of “bread face”.

For those interested in facial massage techniques 🙂

My colleagues noticed me for my slimmer face before I mentioned any use of face lifting cream. I was pretty pleased (oh-okay I admit, I am damn pleased!) since I did not have the discipline/courage to measure the width of my face.

Slimming aside, I feel that my skin has become more supple and less oily. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of more suitable skin care or just this product.

Nay to the packaging – I would prefer a pump/dropper packaging as compared to this container so I can control the amount I use each time.

Overall: 3.5/5 It helps to firm up the skin but it is probable that facial massage techniques played a part as well.

Next up, I would want to try the Eye-serum which I heard so much rave reviews about.

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    • Hi. I’m not sure where you can get this in Indonesia. Maybe you will like to find out if Bioessence products are sold in Indonesia first 🙂

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