Review: Bio-essence Bio Multi Effect BB Cream


I came across this website from sg that is really cool! its The Sample Store. basically, you sign up as a member, and you can ‘grab’ free sample of ALOT of beauty/healthcare etc pdts for FREE (postage not included). afterwhich you can review these items to gain points, and use these points to redeem more items. not bad right?

so, thrifty shoppers like us get free samples, get to try products that we are eyeing without buying first. reviewing allows other shoppers to decide whether to buy, everyone is happy. win-win!

so i got myself the BRTC jasmine water bb cream, bio essence bb creams and Hadatuko collagen sachet 🙂

so, if you wish to be a member, click and support me!

ok sorry for digressing. I shall move on to the review of the Bio-essence bio multi effect bb cream. its 8-in-1 man!
-sunscreen (SPF 25+)
-Skin Repair
-Oil control
-Skin Whitening
-Reduces lines and wrinkles

(this is ripped of the box: Ok im thinking right now if they want to use nouns or verbs to desrible these 8 effects, so inconsistent)

anyway, i used it for work today! the bb cream is thinner than my current Skinfood aloe vera bb cream, but applying this bb cream is a breeze. I used gentle patting motions to blend this to my skin, and it spreads smoothly on my face and coverage is not too bad, it covers my super enlarged pores on my nose very well!!

the shade also blends in well with my fair skin, giving my face a very natural nude look. I bet ppl cant tell i have any make up on! after applying this, i use the Chacott finishing poweder to finsih off my foundation routine. i super heart the chacott powder btw, will review another time.

End result after putting only blusher and lipstick.

i also put the extra on my left hand for comparison:

so, if you are fair skinned and like a natural nude look, i think this product is really value for money and effective. At $28 for 30g, this little tube does more than expected!

you can get the FREE sample with FREE delivery to your doorstep at the sample store too!


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