[Look of the day] 年初一


Happy New Year!! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 祝你兔年行大运!

For my CNY day 1 look, i spent alot of time thinking abuot my make up. SInce my cheong sam is plain champange colour, i wanted to brighten up my face and other parts of my body.

I coloured my nails coral red myself. Express manicure during CNY is $20 (original $10!). and classis is $80!! i bought 3 bottles of revlon for only $14. beat that.

i tried to add brighter colours to my eyes, like pink and plum. but you guys shd know that make up is def not my forte. Marie and chris can do so much more. i really envy those who can create different Looks with make up. for me, its always one look. damn.

anyhoos, at least i feel my mascara skills improved! woots. i can see and feel a difference for my day 1 look!

its always this look for me.

i hope that my daily experiments these few days will improve. im wearing this cheong sam again tmr…. i wish i can create the smokey eye look (not the black grey one). like antm cycle 14 subway shoot!! blue smokey eyes looks so pretty. and difficult.


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