[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots sleeping mask


I bought this item from Hong Kong in May last month and I have been using this for abuot 3 weeks or so.

i read raving reviews about this and i know in Singapore the price for korean brands is much more expensive than korea/HK so i was so happy to see this in a drugstore in HK. i cant rmb how much i paid (i bought too many things XD) but Im sure its at least 30% than sg.

anyhoos. what i really like about this when i first spread this on the back of my hand is 1) the non greasy texture, 2) the smell!

i squeezed a small amount here to show you the colour and texture… its really light, and very watery. smells like berries and i love how it spreads out easily since its so watery and your fingers are non sticky or anything. feels like it will absorb into your face and give it moisture overnight when you are sleeping.

after spreading a moderate amount on my face after washing (taken last week)

the next morning, you can feel that the mask is absorbed , or probably dried up into the atmostphere, and what is left is a dried gel-like feeling – which is fine and expected if you ask me.
went to rinse my face, no cleanser, and towel dried to feel the after effects of the mask alone. skin feels clean, moisturized, brightened…:) not bad for a sleeping mask!

i used this again the next night and maybe abuot 3 times a week. i realise i shouldnt use this so often, read somewhere that twice weekly is recommended.

taken today – got a new pimple 😦

overall i think this is a good product to have in your regime. on days where you feel lazy to put on sheet masks and wait, and just want to get to bed asap. which is pretty often for me. keke.. i will buy this product again when i am done with this.

Rating: 4.5/5


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