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Makeup packing for travelling (i’m going BKK!)


i’m flying to bangkok in less than 6 hours.. so exciting. can finally take a break from work.
i did not opt for any baggage check in since its a short trip, so i have to pack light. the Avene Thermal water is 300ml which is a no no, SIAN!

dont you think that packing light for make up is a b!tch? everything i use daily seems like essential, but yet the pouch i have for travel make up is only enough for bare essentials. yet you knwo there are days there which you want to doll up for a night out in bangkok, so feel like bringing that mascara you love. after quick deliberation, the items in my pouch are:

1. Skin food mushroom BB cream (i regret not stocking up on BB samples, this tube is the bulkiest!)
2. The face shop blusher
3. Maybelline eye shahow palette (the most colours palette i have, with mild and heavy shades :))
4. silky girl eyeliner is bronze
5. MAC lip glass in Lust
6. Blusher brush from the body shop
7. Palgantong loose powder
8. L’Ocitane shea butter as lip balm
9. Eyebrow pencil not in this photo oosp

is this minimalist or what…!

as for airplane skin care… i shall just put alot of moisturisor before i board the plane.. since its only 1.5 hrs. shall try to post some look of the day photos 🙂

Clarisonic Mia


i bought this on ebay from sellet 4skincare for USD114.80 in June this year, Sydney was telling about how thorough this device can clean, and its a investment cos its a way to reduce the facials that she go… this is also my birthday present for myself this year 🙂

i got the pink one, and it came with a small tube of gel ‘gentle hydro cleanser’, one brush head, and 1 magnetic charger

you will need to charge it for 24 hrs before first use. and as a mech engine student, i am very impressed with the magnetic charging!!

– can be used in the shower
– gentle to the skin without stripping off natural moisture
– cleanse really deep and thorough
– skincare absorbs better after cleansing
– gives my face its daily massage
– portable/no wire (can bring along when i travel!)
– the magnetic charger is ++ for me lol

– each recharge takes 18 hrs
– limits to gel cleanser type
– brush head needs to be changed every few months, means must buy more heads online
– each recharge lasts about 10-15 times for me, so need to recharge often
– not easy to use on eye area, so i dont use it for my eyes – need to rub the foam on my eyes seperately

i can deal with the cons, and the pros definitely outweigh them.
so if you wish to get a nice device or treat your skin to really thorough cleansing and have your serums skincare products , you may wish to invest in this too 🙂

[Review] Avene Soapless foaming gel


I bought this cleanser 2 days ago from Watsons, together with Vichy purifying cleaser gel, hoping to try a new gel cleanser since I feel the Neutrogena deep cleanser feels pretty synthetic with frangrances/colouring… and i only can use gel cleanser since i bought my clarisonic mia brush for my face. it rocks.
also, tracy was telling me that Avene cleanser has the least # of ingredients and chemicals (she studied perfume and cosmetics in NUS), and that Avene is really good.

i was in a huge dilemma between the soapless one for sensitive and irritated skin, or the normal one for oily combination skin. I personally have combination skin and wanted to get the latter.
but the SA told me that the soapless one is better and she’s been using for 7 years and honestly she looks younger than her age with really good skin. she also said the soapless one can also clean as effectively. and nowadays, i always look at the ingredients of the pdt before i buy. preferbly paraben-free, frangrance-free, alcohol-free will be +++ points and higher chance of buying.

so i guess what eventually won me over the soapless foaming gel is the small # of ingredients with i dont see anything above.

this brands’ secret ingredient is the Thermal Spring water, according to their site “Very low mineralised, rich in silica and trace elements, the Avène Thermal Spring Water has been clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritating and anti-free radical.”

as usual, i removed my make up after work with the Fancl mild cleansing oil, and was all ready to squeeze this colourless gel on my clarisonic mia brush.
and when the brush was going all over my face, i am amazed by how this soapless gel can foam so easily as well!! ever more impressed. to me, foam is essential is cleansing as i guess i feel that only foam and bubbles can trap and remove dirt effectively.

after 1 min, i rinsed my foamed face with water. and boy, i was waiting to see how this feels after rinsing. if you read my post of the holika egg soap, my face feels and sounds like rubber balloon when i rinse my face. for this, my face feels bare and clean and smooth, no feeling of anything left behind from the soap like some cream soaps. and no frangrance or anything either. at that time i think that this is the only one on par with fancl wshing powder in my opinion.

after patting my face dry, i run my fingers over my skin and lagi more pleased~~! its really smooth and clean, and i have not felt such bareness for a very long time!! its really a different kind of clean. i have to thank my clarisonic mia brush also, which cleans 6X better than bare hands. but for now, this cleanser can really perform its basic and taken for granted step – clean.

i guess you cant tell the cleanliness from pictures, but it felt so clean that i have to take a photo to post!

i highly recommend this product, and will ask my mom to use as well. this is as good as fancl washing powder in my opinion, but win it in terms of foaming for me cos i really cant make the fancl powder foam with my bare hands and always become a white running liquid – so no foam on my face when i wash, which also means i dont feel properly cleansed.

for $32.70 (125ml), i think this is mid range worth every cent!
Rating: 5/5

[Review] Yamano Doronko Clay Mask (black)


Today, i am going to review one of the many masks i have on my rack… which i really wish i have more discipline to use. this is the Yamano Doronko Clay original 24 Black clay mask.
I first heard abuot it from Sydney, whom said that this is a really good clarifying mask, effectively getting rid of excess sebum or oil. she even said that she has used 3 tubs of it!
the only down side is the price tag. it normally retails about SGD65. hwoever, she got it at the discount when Beauty Language’s have their periodic sales.. i dont know anywhere else that sells this though..

so i was really happy when i saw beauty language having a fair at harbourfront centre! it was retailling at ard $35!! i immediately got it for myself.
that was about 6 months ago, and i admit that i have only used it for about 10 times. maybe once every 3-4 weeks?

this is the heavy tub of black mask

this is how the mask content looks like inside, its a dark shade of grey.. smthg like cement lol

the texture is really thick and dry.. exactly like mud. which i believed is good for absorbing oil and sebum?

after washing my face, i patted it dry and start scooping this tub of clay/mud onto my face. since the texture is so thick, it really sticks to your skin and does not really spread like your normal moisturiser, so need to use up quite a bit of mask. and this thing really makes you feel that you have alot of pores!! each time this thing spreads over to my pores, you can really see ‘holes’ and potholes on the mask, super emphasize that you have large pores at a certain area. which is good i guess i know where my enlarged pores are

there is a earthy muddy smell to this pdt but it does not bother me or antyhing, it feels natural actually.

can you see the potholes?

after spreading ard my entire face

leave this on for the next 20-30 min and you can feel it ‘drying up’. you cant really do much facial expressions and you can feel your skin tightening.

after that, i washed this off with water. it is really hard to wash off cos the thick creamy texture and really need to wipe my face alot of times to make sure that its really out. you might want to wash your face again with a gentle cleanser to be safe. i didnt do it though, i just use my L’Occitane toner to swipe after rinsing and drying.

the output is really clean, oil-free, tighter and firmer skin!! can feel that my skin’s sebum and oil are sucked up.

close up of the clean but taiko skin

overall, this is a mask that i want to have in my regime as it is really different from those wet sheet masks/leave on ones. its dryier and good for days where you feel like your skin is producing too much oil.
after this step, a good moisturizer is impt too, to ensure that your skin is hydrated and wont produce more oil… like chemical equilibrium if you know what im talking about.

rating: 4.5/5

Neutrogena deep hydrating mask


Just bought 2 of these masks at watsons for $2 each… Don’t you just love those cheap watsons bucket everytime they have discounted masks?

Decided to use this today cos I went wakeboarding today under the sun. And yesterday sleep the fan was blowing so hard my face feels like cracking from dryness…

Neutrogena seriously has the best masks sheets ever. No other jap Korean taiwan brand has fabric so snug and comfortable. I am sitting upright as I type this and I feel that it’s still fitting well on my skin. Not heavy and so soft… Loves



Just slapped it on my face… Show u how comfy n fitted this is


I shall go to bed now.. Will update tmr!! can’t wait…

Updated: 11 July
My face feels soft and smooth when I woke up the next day… After washing my face n drying, my skin feels supple. Worth buying!!

Review – Moisturisers


Moisturising is often neglected in many Singaporean women’s lives. With our insane level of humidity, we take our oily faces for granted (somehow).

I recently went to the UK and based on my research, I knew my skin care regime needs to be boosted to unprecedented levels to combat dry skin.

Here’s my verdict for some products.

Best Value for Money Drug Store Purchase – Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion ($19.90 for 170mL)

20110708-125010.jpg I was on the hunt for a good moisturiser to keep my skin well-hydrated to start the day. With Nano and Super Hyaluronic Acid to “lock an ocean” (so claims the manufacturer), I decided to try it.

The effect was immediate – I could feel my thirsty skin lap up every drop of the hydrating goodness. My colleague who tried it said it felt instantly satisfying. All you need is a palm size portion.

The strange thing is when I used in back in Singapore, the “slurp” effect is not as apparent.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, for its affordable price and effectiveness. However, I would like to see travel sized versions of this and try out other products in the line before it earns my 1 other star.

Best Used Together with Related Products – Ettusais Dual Effect White Shooter ($36? Can’t remember exactly how much but less than $50)


When used together with the other Ettusais products (for instance Skin Version Up), the skin becomes more supple, especially after night use. When used individually (I ran out of the Skin Version up for two days), the effect was not as obvious. In fact, I needed more Hada Labo to get the same effect I used to get.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. I like its compatibility of the product alongside other products in the same line. However, I feel as a moisturiser cum whitening essence, the moisturising effect might be lowered.

Two other quick product reviews:

– Tony Moly Caviar Essential Eye Cream ($59.90)

I was desperate for a good eyecream. Tried too many drug store brands to get dismal results. Decided to venture to Tony Moly and got this eye cream and so far, it gets props for being moisturising without being oily (I have flaky eyelids and now it’s a lot better) and having a light texture. Nope, no fishy smell! But, I’m still fickle and hunting for THE eye cream.


Next eye cream to try -Genifique from Lancome!

IMOYMTT (In my opinion, you should try this) Product – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Essence ($90)

Yes it’s steep. At least for me. But it has been a damn good investment for me. I first knew about this from a friend’s beauty blog where she raved about this product (she dubbed it better than SK-II). I was so persuaded that I went out the next day to get it.


I need to apply two drops of it nightly and the divine lavender smell just makes this whole experience so much more relaxing. I was told by my colleagues my skin looked more radiant and less oily lately. My breakouts (adult acne is the bane of my existence) are getting lesser and not as explosive.

Skin cells recovery process is enhanced by this product and I can see it happening. Wow!

As my new experiment, I’m combining it with SK-II Cellumination now and I’m eager to see if there’s any boost in the radiance level.

PS: I don’t put up pictures of my skin upclose cos’ I am very conscious of the state of my skin (scars, open pores) Since my co-contributor is the one with better skin, I’ll leave the upclose pictures to her. My focus would be on products recommendation based on personal experience. 🙂 I just wanna share the good buys with people who feel that buying good skin care products should be done carefully.

Look of the Day – Travelling Stylishly for Work


I must confess that my frequency of blogging on sweetpots is not something very admirable. So, I’m gonna make up for it by doing a post (or even 2) about my travelling outfits for a business trip and my moisturizing regime while travelling.

I went to the UK for work recently and it was a 8 day trip. I needed to pack for work (look professional), be warm, be stylish and of course pack light. Multiple challenges would not faze a fashionista willing to plan.

Lemme show you some of my outfits.

Taken at Heathrow Airport’s Harrods.
Being stylish & comfy on a 12 hour flight, another 3 hours of transit and 1.5 hour flight to connect does not give me much incentive to wear a dress. I chose a black, bell-sleeved tunic matched with my Uniqlo houndstooth jeggings and black suede boots. To keep warm, my New Look military jacket came to the rescue. Twisted my hair in a Korean-esque bun to keep my hair in place.



My conference outfit. My hubby to be strongly felt that I should look sharp for my international conference. Tailored a shirt & pants from this awesome shop called Gab Noble at Tras Street and with some classic pumps from Americaya, I looked good and felt good to take the academic world by storm.

20110708-123700.jpg My cyan ruffled sleeved top from Bysi with my grey harem pants (absolute must have – chic, virtually uncreasable and light) from Bangkok.

Topped with a turquoise and purple scarf from HK.
Love this outfit to bits. I can still show some summer flava in a summer of 14 degrees celcius!


Strangely opted for the same colour turquoise but in a draped dress, with an ombré tone I can’t resist. One of my prized purchases from Bangkok. Together with hubby’s A/X jacket and leggings, I was able to stand the cold of 12 degrees!

Sad to say, I still overpacked for my trip plus I overshopped. My beloved pink luggage is currently looking a tad miserable from that weight.

Hope this post could help/inspire you to think about clothing options while travelling. It was really fun dressing up.