Clarisonic Mia


i bought this on ebay from sellet 4skincare for USD114.80 in June this year, Sydney was telling about how thorough this device can clean, and its a investment cos its a way to reduce the facials that she go… this is also my birthday present for myself this year πŸ™‚

i got the pink one, and it came with a small tube of gel ‘gentle hydro cleanser’, one brush head, and 1 magnetic charger

you will need to charge it for 24 hrs before first use. and as a mech engine student, i am very impressed with the magnetic charging!!

– can be used in the shower
– gentle to the skin without stripping off natural moisture
– cleanse really deep and thorough
– skincare absorbs better after cleansing
– gives my face its daily massage
– portable/no wire (can bring along when i travel!)
– the magnetic charger is ++ for me lol

– each recharge takes 18 hrs
– limits to gel cleanser type
– brush head needs to be changed every few months, means must buy more heads online
– each recharge lasts about 10-15 times for me, so need to recharge often
– not easy to use on eye area, so i dont use it for my eyes – need to rub the foam on my eyes seperately

i can deal with the cons, and the pros definitely outweigh them.
so if you wish to get a nice device or treat your skin to really thorough cleansing and have your serums skincare products , you may wish to invest in this too πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Fen! We’re so glad you love your Clarisonic Mia! Just so you know, you can use any kind of cleanser with the Clarisonic as long as it isn’t abrasive. Happy cleansing!

    • Ah! Thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚ I was using solid bar cleanser before so I guess that would be a lil harder to use w clarisonic too. thanks!

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