Makeup packing for travelling (i’m going BKK!)


i’m flying to bangkok in less than 6 hours.. so exciting. can finally take a break from work.
i did not opt for any baggage check in since its a short trip, so i have to pack light. the Avene Thermal water is 300ml which is a no no, SIAN!

dont you think that packing light for make up is a b!tch? everything i use daily seems like essential, but yet the pouch i have for travel make up is only enough for bare essentials. yet you knwo there are days there which you want to doll up for a night out in bangkok, so feel like bringing that mascara you love. after quick deliberation, the items in my pouch are:

1. Skin food mushroom BB cream (i regret not stocking up on BB samples, this tube is the bulkiest!)
2. The face shop blusher
3. Maybelline eye shahow palette (the most colours palette i have, with mild and heavy shades :))
4. silky girl eyeliner is bronze
5. MAC lip glass in Lust
6. Blusher brush from the body shop
7. Palgantong loose powder
8. L’Ocitane shea butter as lip balm
9. Eyebrow pencil not in this photo oosp

is this minimalist or what…!

as for airplane skin care… i shall just put alot of moisturisor before i board the plane.. since its only 1.5 hrs. shall try to post some look of the day photos πŸ™‚


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  1. Hi,

    I stumbled upon this blogpost. You really brought quite a few products only. amazing! πŸ™‚

    btw, I just did a post also regarding packing make-up for travel.

    hope to hear from you soon! πŸ™‚

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