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[Review] CURE natural aqua gel


i’m sure almost all of you have heard/use/seen this pdt “one sold every 20 seconds!”.. its been around the market for more than 1 year. and quite heavily publicised in watsons and their roadshows.

my half used bottle.

i have to admit i have not been using this as much as i should, thats the downside of having too many things on your shelf, and i can be more diligent on skincare. =P

to me this is ‘exfoliation at its gentliest’, because this does not use any microbeads or soap formula, unlike the other exfoliating products on the market. to me exfoliation is very important as my oily comdination skin tends to build up alot of sebum in the day, and if my face is washed without exfoliating, i feel like my skin in not completely skin, and whatever products after that from toner to serum is not absorbed properly.

this is 100% natural, with no preservatives or frangrances, so shelf life is pretty short (1 year). i should really throw this away since my bottle is >>>1 year =(

credits to: the official cure website in sg

here’s some photos

i must say the skin feels smoother and cleaner after that, and you can physically see the dead skin being removed in front of your naked eyes! the whitish flakes are a combination of the gel reacting with the protein/dead skin cells… and indirectly those also hope to exfoliate physically when you rub.

time to put on my toner and moisturizer!

this cost $42 at selected watsons store, i got mine at Parkway.

Rating: 5/5

[Review] My Scheming Mask – marigold extract


bought this box of masks in Taiwan last nov and finally opening it now to try… this is one of the popular masks in Taiwan and i liike the pretty pink colour =)

the description looks promising!~

the sheet masks comes in 30ml amt of essence, just nice for me cos i dont like too much as it will drip down my neck.

the material of the sheet is not as comfy as my beauty diary and neutrogena, and the fit is only so so for my face shape. but i am able to cover most of my face

again, i unintentionally fell asleep with the mask on my face… and woke up the next morning with super dried paper on my face, and had to peel off!! i guess my skin didnt get to breathe last night 😦

despite that, this morning my skin still looks and feels normal, just like any other day if you ask me. its v hard for me to see overnight results for ANY products i use, so im not expecting any for this as well. In my opinion masks is just to maintain the wellbeing and current condition of ur skin, and results would be a long term process.

i would say, this masks is not bad to give your skin the extra boost of nutrients and moisture and regular use of this would be beneficial to your face, with all the vit C, your face shd be fairer!

close up of bare naked face in the morning

not too bad, even after dried up mask on my face skin is still relatively ‘bright’ and firm…

Rating: 3.5/5

[Review] Cleansing Express cleansing lotion


i know it’s been a while since i last posted a review, been want to do one last week but was crazy busy at work. also i lost my iphone yesterday so spent most of the night calling places and wallowing in self pity =P

the Cleansing Express range can be bought at all Watsons store, Im not sure if Guardian has this yet… and i chanced upon it about 2 years ago. this bottle I am reviewing today is my 2nd one and i want to share how amazing this pdt is…

the philosophy of this product is easy “ready for bed as soon as possible!” sounds like what a lazy lady like me needs. and since the bottle is only 50ml, i know its perfect for travelling, although i used it in SG only so far, when i reach home late and i just want to concuss asap.

this cleasning lotion 1) removes make up, 2) cleanse, 3)tones, 4) moisturize!! dont you just love japanese inventions. =))

i took a photo of me in full make up , mascara, gel liner and all but my phone is missing so i just redid on the back of my hand. this is after putting on make up and drying for 15 min…

to prove the effectiveness of this, i am going to wash my hand with hand soap, kirei kirei to be precise…

after washing and lots of tugging on my skin, this is the most i can remove… left with the gel liner, pencil liner and some concealer

pour moderate amt of lotion on a cotton pad…

and just wipe gently multiple times over the same area..

the black liner will flake of easily! and needless to say the pencil liner comes off instantly!!

you must be thinking, how can 1 product serve 4 functions right? i also cant believe it until i try it! each time after i use this all over my face, it really feels like its been cleansed, toned and moisurize!! scary i know…it even smells like it!! not sure about you but i usually have a slight slight mosit heavy feeling on my skin after moisturizing, and this also has that feeling except that it is slightly stickier than my usual end of 3 step feeling.

i can really go to bed with no worries and feeling clean.

the next day after waking up, there’s no break outs or anything, just a same light sticky feel and by then, i would have washed my face with a normal cleanser and all is good.
of cos, this should not be replacing your 3 step, but as an alternative when you really are tired and just want to remove make up and sleep. im sure thats the product’s philosophy too.

for late outgoers and lazy nights, this is a must have. i believed there are 3 types of this Cleansing Express product. one is more moisturizing, and mine is ‘agecare’ with the milky liquid, and i cannot rmb the last…

Rating: 5/5

[Review] L’Occitane purifying rice toner


this is the toner that I am currently using and it is also my 2nd bottle. thanks so syd who initially passed me my 1st bottle after coming back from France some time back. as it is too drying for her normal skin.

this is a 2 phase toner, which means its not a homogenous liquid, but is made of of liquid and powder, so the powder will settle at the bottom of the bottle, and you have to shake it before use. it also has some ball bearing (i think, cant see through clearly) inside to help with the shaking.

The liquid phase purifies the skin and the powder phasse mattifies the pores. I have oily combination skin with enlarged pores so this is perfect!
after applying toner, before moisturiser

i like how this toner smells so fabulous with all the rice extract, and it uses organic red rice extract. this really refreshes my skin and makes my pores feel clean and matt.

Rating: 4/5

New hair cut


I had my curls at the bottom of my hair chopped off. always wanted to try this type of straight unlayered hair look. and also growing my bangs out for the longest time (still not there yet). i’ve had side swept bangs for the past… 8 years?? so this time i really need to change

i really like the turnout. the hairdresser, Winnie is a friendly cute and adorable lady who works from her home in Tampines. she uses high quality products from shampooing, conditioning, serums and hair dyes, and price is really reasonable!! its the overall experience, which is very comfortable from start to end.

i also retouched my roots and really like how the organic hair dye she uses is ammonia-free so its gentle to the scalp and no pungent smell like the other hair dyes. i’ve dyed there 2 times and so far my hair quality is still as good as ever.

the hair dye used..

let me know if you want her contact!

[Review] Watsons birds nest essence mask


Watsons having 1 for 1 for these masks! i had to buy them after trying it once last month. so i bought 6.

this mask is really graet… came soaked in 30ml of birds nest essence. and as a chinese, I know how bird’s nest has always been associated with ηΎŽη™½ (fairness), and radiance and beauty. in fact, my mom says im so fair cos she always eat bird nest when she pregnated with me πŸ™‚ hahaha.

the mask sheet is pretty big, and it is soaked with alot of essence that i usually had to let it drip off the excess then slap it on my face

usually i would put it on for 30 min, but today i was in a rush so only 15 min.
after removing the mask n rinsing it off, my skin feels really plumped and juicy <3!!

it is also softer and make up glides on more easily. it also has a slight minty cooling feeling after removing. not bad ya!

my mom used it as well, and she even slapped it on her arm after she removed it from her face. and the best part for her is, her pigmentation 老人斑 on her arms faded the next morning! she was so impressed, so am i!

i really like this mask and would buy more if there is a sale… normally its about $3.90 per sheet which is really steep.

Rating: 4.5/5 (considering the value for money)

[Review] Quick & Easy Make up removal – The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes


Recently i am caught in a situation where I forgot to bring my makeup remover and needed to get one outside for use that day.
Not wanting to get smthg expensive/volumous, since its only for 1 time use, I do not have many options.

I was at PS and in a rush, so i stepped into the nearest Skincare shop at the time – The Face Shop.

most of their makeup removers are bottles which can last me for many months and > $15 so its out.

then i chance upon this:

this cost about $6 for 20 sheets and looks like it is exactly what i need !

good thing is i was only wearing moderate make up that day, no eyeliner or mascara, so this is perfect.

It is (quoted) “saturated in the herbal cleansing complex formulated with Botanic and Rosemary extract that purifies the skin, these convenient facial cleansing wipes purif the skin while cleansing it gently..”
the ingredients list behind also shows alot of plant extracts πŸ™‚ its smells more like synthetic soap than herbs though.

results: make up is properly removed and skin feels cool and refreshing. would recommend this for quick and convenient make up removal of light to moderate make up. not recommended for heavier make up.

Rating: 3.5/5