New hair cut


I had my curls at the bottom of my hair chopped off. always wanted to try this type of straight unlayered hair look. and also growing my bangs out for the longest time (still not there yet). i’ve had side swept bangs for the past… 8 years?? so this time i really need to change

i really like the turnout. the hairdresser, Winnie is a friendly cute and adorable lady who works from her home in Tampines. she uses high quality products from shampooing, conditioning, serums and hair dyes, and price is really reasonable!! its the overall experience, which is very comfortable from start to end.

i also retouched my roots and really like how the organic hair dye she uses is ammonia-free so its gentle to the scalp and no pungent smell like the other hair dyes. i’ve dyed there 2 times and so far my hair quality is still as good as ever.

the hair dye used..

let me know if you want her contact!

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