[Review] L’Occitane purifying rice toner


this is the toner that I am currently using and it is also my 2nd bottle. thanks so syd who initially passed me my 1st bottle after coming back from France some time back. as it is too drying for her normal skin.

this is a 2 phase toner, which means its not a homogenous liquid, but is made of of liquid and powder, so the powder will settle at the bottom of the bottle, and you have to shake it before use. it also has some ball bearing (i think, cant see through clearly) inside to help with the shaking.

The liquid phase purifies the skin and the powder phasse mattifies the pores. I have oily combination skin with enlarged pores so this is perfect!
after applying toner, before moisturiser

i like how this toner smells so fabulous with all the rice extract, and it uses organic red rice extract. this really refreshes my skin and makes my pores feel clean and matt.

Rating: 4/5

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