[Review] Cleansing Express cleansing lotion


i know it’s been a while since i last posted a review, been want to do one last week but was crazy busy at work. also i lost my iphone yesterday so spent most of the night calling places and wallowing in self pity =P

the Cleansing Express range can be bought at all Watsons store, Im not sure if Guardian has this yet… and i chanced upon it about 2 years ago. this bottle I am reviewing today is my 2nd one and i want to share how amazing this pdt is…

the philosophy of this product is easy “ready for bed as soon as possible!” sounds like what a lazy lady like me needs. and since the bottle is only 50ml, i know its perfect for travelling, although i used it in SG only so far, when i reach home late and i just want to concuss asap.

this cleasning lotion 1) removes make up, 2) cleanse, 3)tones, 4) moisturize!! dont you just love japanese inventions. =))

i took a photo of me in full make up , mascara, gel liner and all but my phone is missing so i just redid on the back of my hand. this is after putting on make up and drying for 15 min…

to prove the effectiveness of this, i am going to wash my hand with hand soap, kirei kirei to be precise…

after washing and lots of tugging on my skin, this is the most i can remove… left with the gel liner, pencil liner and some concealer

pour moderate amt of lotion on a cotton pad…

and just wipe gently multiple times over the same area..

the black liner will flake of easily! and needless to say the pencil liner comes off instantly!!

you must be thinking, how can 1 product serve 4 functions right? i also cant believe it until i try it! each time after i use this all over my face, it really feels like its been cleansed, toned and moisurize!! scary i know…it even smells like it!! not sure about you but i usually have a slight slight mosit heavy feeling on my skin after moisturizing, and this also has that feeling except that it is slightly stickier than my usual end of 3 step feeling.

i can really go to bed with no worries and feeling clean.

the next day after waking up, there’s no break outs or anything, just a same light sticky feel and by then, i would have washed my face with a normal cleanser and all is good.
of cos, this should not be replacing your 3 step, but as an alternative when you really are tired and just want to remove make up and sleep. im sure thats the product’s philosophy too.

for late outgoers and lazy nights, this is a must have. i believed there are 3 types of this Cleansing Express product. one is more moisturizing, and mine is ‘agecare’ with the milky liquid, and i cannot rmb the last…

Rating: 5/5

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