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[Review] Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel


I bought this cleanser at Watsons a few months back with the Avene Soapless foaming gel which i ultra love, as i cannot decide which gel cleanser to get to use with my Clarisonic Mia, and this is only $14.90 which i thought was quite affordable for a mid range cleanser

the texture is more runny/thinner than the Avene clear gel, and is of clear lime green colour, which reminds me of dishwashing liquid actually. when reading the ingredients list, colouring and frangrances are indeed added, but no parabens. there is also salicylic acid (did i spell it right?), which is good for acne right? thats why i bought this too. cos the SA told me its for breakout period and i always break out before that time of the month.

dont think you can see much green from this photo…

i’ve been using this daily for 1 week and i must say this cleanser cleans pretty deep. my face feels clean and oil free after that, and has a refreshing feeling upon drying. thing is, after a few minutes i feel tightness on my skin, not sure if its too dehydrating, but i slap on my daily moisuturizer anyways usually after washing.

this also does not foam as easily as the Avene one, but good enough to clean well. I have used it on its own without the clarisonic mia, and i think it does a decent job with ‘deep cleaning’.

Rating: 4/5

[Review] Dr Jart+ All Out Black Head


I bought this product in May this year in HK, cant remember the price but its less than SGD30 if i am not wrong.

this is exactly what i need. wait till you see the photos of my blackheads =((


i forgot to take BEFORE photo so this is after i apply Dr Jart+

according to the product description, this removes blackheads and dissolves debris

Directions: Apply 2-3 pumps onto T-zone, cheecks chin, and other areas prone to blackheads for 10 min.
Massage gently with fingertips and rinse off with warm water

the pdt is of gel form, yellowish clear type. there is a strong alcohol smell, and i’m damn sure you need strong chemicals in there to get rid of nasty blackheads
the ingredients are on the box which i have thrown away. Anyway i use this about once every 2 weeks so i dont think it will have adverse effects on my skin.

after 10 min, it will feel drier on my nose, and i will start rubbing it off, at the same time using the rub-offs to exfoliate the nose. smthg like CURE!

lets see after..

for a clearer one

not bad right! i think this is not bad if you use initially. i rmb after 3 weeks i dont see much difference hence i stopped for a while, and used the Biore black pore pack. and recently back to this again. i am expecting more from this pdt, since i see “ALL OUT” when i bought it. however, i also know that i have v v stubborn blackheads that cannot be removed from chemicals, and requires physical intervention.

Rating: 2.5/5

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask


one of the loot in my Watsons haul is the Neutrogena Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask – $2.90 each!
i super love Neutrogena mask sheets and i still think they rock the most.

this is the all new improved version that promises to ‘immediately brightened skin tone and continuously lighten melanin beneath the skin layers all night to give you lasting translucent fairness’
the 3D Push In fabric really not bad sia!!, can provide 3 times more essence for absorption =)

I went to town yesterday in search of a dress for a ROM luncheon but didnt get anything but achy feet and exposure to haze and sun.
so i decided to slap this mask on at night.

the next day my face has this ‘light translucent’ look! i was amazed! i have fair skin already so I was not expecting any or much difference but looks like this works man!
my skin feels more plump and hydrated also. in fact i feel like putting again today =X

this photo doesnt do much justice… haha.

I will definitely get this again when i run out!

Rating: definitely worth a shot!

Korean Beauty Haul


Received my package from Zhen, owner of iheartkoreanbeauty – where I get all my Korean stuff. She is the NICEST SELLER EVA!! best online shopping experience ever!

She will personally email you after your order to thank you, and also ask you what type of samples you like, so she can throw in for FREE.
after that she realised she quote me wrongly for postage but absorbed the additional cost… then will send pictures of my package before mailing.

the package is painstakingly wrapped in bubble wrap, every single product, then even more bubble wrap in the shoe box that it came with. i was so excited when opening the box to see what i got, machiam like xmas present.

so many samples man!! and my stuff are all bubble wraped nicely!
can you see the postcard where Zhen writes me a personal note to thank me? wah got pen somemore OMFG

do you even know what i got?? haha

i counted. 40 forty samples of BB creams, emulsions, toner, masks, essence. totally unexpected. perfect for holidays

the products does not go through middlemen and prices are low, whats more is the service and personal touch.

I love iheartkoreanbeauty . if you cannot find the product, you can always request and she will get it for you next trip!

Watsons Haul


I stepped into Watsons during lunch since there’s still time and ended up spending $$$!! i should really practise self control man… but who can resist a good bargain right?

1) Neutrogena Fine Fairness masks on sale again $2.90 each! i LOVE neutrogena mask sheets, shall do a review soon

2) Watsons birds nest essence mask – another great mask, buy 2 get 1 free ($3.90 each). used to be 1 for 1.. you can read about my review here

3) and last but not least, the new Biore marshmellow facial whip has reached our Sunny shores!! i cant wait to try this! this about ard $10.

Bling Bling mini by Kairos


I guess not many people have heard about this Bling Bling mini product from Korea. and would not know what it is just by the name itself…

in this technologically advanced day and age, even our skincare also advanced to using technology driven product!! i’m not referring to those chemically/biologically advanced skincare, like all the expensive youth serums/potions/etc if you knwo what i mean.

this is PHYSICAL science, using infrared! nothing related to chemicals at all! this excites the physics geek in me 🙂

Objective: Clears 90% of newly formed acne/pimples within 24 hours

How it works: Utilises both 420nm blue light and bio-ceramic far infra-red technologies to effectively eradicate P.acnes which is the causative organism of Acne
(fen’s translation: generates blue light and invisible waves to zap your new pimples)
if you are like a geek like me and want to know the science of how it works, you can check out the same website too!

as you can tell from the size, it is portable and can be used anytime if you have a acne formed outside, or if you just want to zap it again after 8 hours and you know you are outside.
it comes with a USB charger and can last about 20 zaps. no spare parts to replace!

the part of my post will be lifted from the Clairancy website (, it is the instructions on how to use the device:
How do you use it?
It is very simple to use.
Remove the cover from the Bling Bling Mini.
Press the switch to turn on the device.
Wait 1 to 1.5 minutes and a “bling bling sound will appear”
Upon hearing this, place the treatment tip to the area to be treated and press the switch again.
Hold the device onto your skin for 2.5 minutes. You should hear a sound every 10 seconds.
Once 2.5 minutes have passed, the device will sound “bling bling” again.
To switch off the device at the stage, press and hold the switch for 2-3 seconds.
To treat another area, press the switch once and then place it on another area.

And when i was thinking about reviewing this product, new pimples formed on my forehead 😦


after using this for several months there are some things you should take note of:
1) you will need to buy some kinda cleaning pdt (i got a bottle of Guardian’s alcohol) to clean the tip after each usage
2) it does not work for me if the acne is already quite ‘mature’. sometimes i wake up with a ance that is fully formed with pus inside already, and zapping doesnt help

You can buy this product online or at alL Clariancy outlets:

i got mine from Raffles hotel arcade for SGD $80