[Review] Dr Jart+ All Out Black Head


I bought this product in May this year in HK, cant remember the price but its less than SGD30 if i am not wrong.

this is exactly what i need. wait till you see the photos of my blackheads =((


i forgot to take BEFORE photo so this is after i apply Dr Jart+

according to the product description, this removes blackheads and dissolves debris

Directions: Apply 2-3 pumps onto T-zone, cheecks chin, and other areas prone to blackheads for 10 min.
Massage gently with fingertips and rinse off with warm water

the pdt is of gel form, yellowish clear type. there is a strong alcohol smell, and i’m damn sure you need strong chemicals in there to get rid of nasty blackheads
the ingredients are on the box which i have thrown away. Anyway i use this about once every 2 weeks so i dont think it will have adverse effects on my skin.

after 10 min, it will feel drier on my nose, and i will start rubbing it off, at the same time using the rub-offs to exfoliate the nose. smthg like CURE!

lets see after..

for a clearer one

not bad right! i think this is not bad if you use initially. i rmb after 3 weeks i dont see much difference hence i stopped for a while, and used the Biore black pore pack. and recently back to this again. i am expecting more from this pdt, since i see “ALL OUT” when i bought it. however, i also know that i have v v stubborn blackheads that cannot be removed from chemicals, and requires physical intervention.

Rating: 2.5/5

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