[Review] Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel


I bought this cleanser at Watsons a few months back with the Avene Soapless foaming gel which i ultra love, as i cannot decide which gel cleanser to get to use with my Clarisonic Mia, and this is only $14.90 which i thought was quite affordable for a mid range cleanser

the texture is more runny/thinner than the Avene clear gel, and is of clear lime green colour, which reminds me of dishwashing liquid actually. when reading the ingredients list, colouring and frangrances are indeed added, but no parabens. there is also salicylic acid (did i spell it right?), which is good for acne right? thats why i bought this too. cos the SA told me its for breakout period and i always break out before that time of the month.

dont think you can see much green from this photo…

i’ve been using this daily for 1 week and i must say this cleanser cleans pretty deep. my face feels clean and oil free after that, and has a refreshing feeling upon drying. thing is, after a few minutes i feel tightness on my skin, not sure if its too dehydrating, but i slap on my daily moisuturizer anyways usually after washing.

this also does not foam as easily as the Avene one, but good enough to clean well. I have used it on its own without the clarisonic mia, and i think it does a decent job with ‘deep cleaning’.

Rating: 4/5


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  1. hi there! i foam it with my hands first, then massage into my face and rinse off with water 🙂
    hope this helps. It does not foam very well though so you can use a washing sponge to generate more foam first 🙂

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