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[Review] Missha Cool Fitting Body Gel


finally a review on body gel!

saw this product at Missha at white sands and here’s what it says

looks like smthg i need!! let me show you my unsightly cellulite which plagues my thighs, its like a thick layer of jelly wrapped around a sausague.


you cannot blame me for having thoughts on lipo man

so yes, this looks like just what my legs need!! and skin whitening properties too! im sold.

the gel is light blue in colour, and when you squeeze it out you can smell the menthol striaght away.

this is the amount i squeeze for 1 thigh..

then i will rub my hands together for like 1 second or slap in on my thigh and start massaging it in from there:

feels normal and i will keep on massaging on my entire thigh for 1 min. repeat on the other thigh.

5 min later.

the cooling sensation kicks in. you can really feel the menthol ‘burning’ your skin, and feels like a sudden drop in temperature, as if there is cold towel wrapped around your thighs.
i am thinking if this is just a ‘marketing’ gimmick to add menthol to give the impression that your skin is tightening. you can also smell the menthol like feng you.

other than that, skin is not sticky or greasy, in fact smooth and back to normal. i can even say its smoother.

once you go rinse your hands after application, you realise the ‘smootheness’ also washes away and you can feel the gel coming off your skin as well.

i have been using this for a month, once a day. sometimes i skip but i think abuut 5 days or so i didnt use it. i didnt see see any improvements in my dimpled orange skin… compare to the Clarins High Definition Body Lift, which i feel has better results and smells better too.
skin feels slightly tighter and smoother but does not ‘shape’ my thighs or reduce cellulite appearance which i expect.

I still have half a bottle left, will use finsih and update if i see better results!!
Rating: 2/5

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel


you know, this is the 3rd post on The Face Shop Raspberry Roots series from me. First is the sleeping mask review, then the collagen eye patch review.

The face shop must be very proud of me man!! its my first time owning more than 1 pdt from the same series. anw its really a coincidence that i have all 3, not that i went out to buy all 3 together.
the eye patch is a gift from a friend from xmas last year. and this eye gel was from my HK trip last year May, same as the sleeping mask

this is it!

this is the first eye gel i buoght in my entire life, cos i know i have v bad dark circles and eye bags.
i actually bought it without knowing its to reduce puffiness, thinking its to brighten the undereye area. but hey, every type of eye gel is designed to benefit right?

let me show u the texture and colour..

can see? this is a white colour light non greasy gel which is almost odourless, i cant really smell anything actually.

i use this every morning for the past 5 months, mronings cos i feel like i always look bloated in the morning, especially on my face cos of water retention. and hope this can help.

not too bad, i feel this also helps to moisturize the under eye area, and the non greasy texture makes it very light to the skin, which i prefer.
in terms of dark circles and fine lines, im afraid thsi cant help – which it is not designed to as well.

i would recommend this if your eye bags are always bothering you, but dont expect miracles from this to reduce lines + perform other functions.

Rating: 3/5

Boomz nail stickers!!


pls watch my journey with nail stickers: I chose this hot pink BOOMZ leopard preens, chio bo?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

love the end results! i can see so many good things about nail stickers:
1) no drying time – no more worrying when taking out money/keys or washing hands after painting
2) can have all sorts of complicated designs
3) Cheap – about SGD 5
4) easy to put on – peel, paste, buff

abit not so good
1) one size doesnt fit all, my thumb nail is bigger than the sticker’s width, hence unable to cover the whole nail, leaving 1-2 mm at the side
2) the prints, if you look closely, does not have ‘high resolution’/ low DPI – like those very old printers you have printing picture, so can see ‘dots’ filling up the space instead of colours

[Review] My Beauty Diary: Southern France Apricot Mask


i realise i got SO MANY reviews on masks!! this shows how much masks takes up in my skincare regime!
lazy bugger like me loves how convenient masks is to give a quick refresher and boost to my skin.
cheapo like me loves how affordable they are compared to craems and serum and you can change the masks each time!! not be commited to a bottle of serum for months 🙂

i got this from Taiwan in 2010 and FINALLY opened it.

the description claims that French Apricots have astonishing Nourishing and moisurizing properties. queches the thirst of your skin, soothes and nourishes skin that are tight and rough – giving it a new life and brightens at the same time.
Sepcial Property is that it is HIGHLY MOISTURISING

cool, i didnt really want to try this at first cos i dont have dry skin. and im always afriad of over moisturizing substanaces giving my skin a oily rich feel.
but anyways i bought it and can always rely on family members at home to finish it wakakaka!

when i opened the mask, i can really smell the fruity apricot scent seeping throughout the mask sheet. shiok!! its like putting fruits on your skin

let me show you BEFORE pic: (dont be frightened…)

bad lighting.. but this is me on a stay home day lol

slapped the damn mask on… smelling like an apricot 🙂 this mask sheet feels like paper, but still not bad comfy and cold.
by the way the weather in SG today is F hot… cold masks definitely calms my face and my spirits 🙂

45 min later… overrun!!! was too engaged online..

better lighting! it really feels smooth and soft after removing the mask. and im writing this review now, hours later, and I have not used moisturizer today at all.. still feels good and skin is plump. i think this masks is great!! suitable for days in the office where the aircon is drying out my skin..

getting ready for CNY. shall try my nail stickers tmr!!!!!


[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch


i received this eye patch from a dear friend for Xmas last year.. and used it yesterday night. lets see the journey!

This is a gel like eye patch, formulated with Himalayan Raspberry Roots and qua collagen to optimize elasticity. if you read my review on the raspberry sleeping mask , the key ingredient is the Raspberry roots, whcih promises to lift the skin for a taut look.

dont think you can see the gel from here, but there is a layer of ‘gauze’ you can see under the patch, which i guess is to hold the gel together, i place the side of the gauze away from my skin, so that my skin is in complete contact with the gel and not the gauze. hope this is correct!!

i love how cooling this feels as i refrigerated the masks since i had it. the gel is really light and does not sting my eye even though i place it so near my eye.
throughout the next 30-40 min, i can feel the patch getting thinner!!! is it evaporate? absorbed?

went to sleep straighter after and woke up the next morning for inspection…

(ah yes, close up of my skin you can see all my imperfections – please focus on the eye now)
i would say the skin under my eye feels really soft and moisturized. it is more tight as i usually see more fine lines than this.

not bad reallY!! i would certainly use it again for and recommend it for tired and droppy skin under eyes.

Rating: 4/5

[Review] Beauty Buffet XX vitamin C mask


i should really go improve my chinese. i have no idea what is 左旋 so i type XX on top.

part of my whitening regime involves more vit C in my skincare regime. i always thought Vit C is for immune system etc, and recently everywhere is talking about vit C helping with the production of collagen, and also a strong whitening agent… i dont really see much link.

box of 8 in taiwan Watsons. i rmb it was cheap “)

like most sheet masks, the fabric of this amsk is thin and soft, soaked in 23ml of essence. the directions is to put this on for 15-20 min after wash and remove . i think i left it overnight on my face again. =X but i tore it out in the middle of the night la.


going to bed!!!

the next morning..

i dont expect visible results actually, if visible will be xian dan already. i think this def boost up the amt of vit C on my face… and doesnt leave a sticky feeling the next morning like other masks.. face feels plump and smooth after washing the next day. maybe its psycologial effect, i feel my dark eye rings area are lighter.. wahaha.
i wouldnt mind buying again. too bad i didnt see it in SG. or i am just not going out enought.

Rating: 3/5

2 Tail Braid


ihave been watching alot of Hair tutorials lately and i am damn impressed that we can actually create so many looks with our hair. you will be amazed trust me. just check out LilithMoon and you will be hooked man!!

one of the tutorials i learn is how to do a 2 tail braid. damn cute la, too bad my hair is not long enough…

sorry for the blur photo

closer look

not bad right!

i will try out more hairstyles soon!

[Review] The Face Shop Flebeaute White Crystal Effect Essence


“mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

In Asia, fair has always been a strong indicator of beauty. and even though there are many western/latin/global influences and tanned look is very hot now (look at the chio VS models!!!), I am still into the fair look =)

maybe cos im quite fair myself so im biased =P wahaha. easier to maintain right…
this pdt i am reviewing is actually my mom’s. and now i use ittogether with her.

the reason i start using it is cos it really works for my mom. she is in her fifties and have quite alot of drak spots and pigmentation on her face (aging sucks!). after using this and other pdts such as sunscreen etc. i really see an improvement, many ppl have commented she is fairer and skin colour is even. not bad!! too bad i dont have photos of before and after.

it is a translucent gel like substance, and smells fresh too. cos the gel is quite watery, it spreads like a dream across your skin and gets absorbed in abuot 1-2 minutes. i will wait abuot a few minutes before applying my moisturizer the Vitacreme B12

results? for me i think maybe 5% improvement… maybe cos i have almost no pigmentation and my skin is quite fair to begin with. but i believed prolonged usuage should lighten abit. for those ladies out there whom have draker skin and some pigmentation, its worth a shot! it worked for my mom =)

Update: 24 Jan 2012
i was at work and someone commented “wah you very long nvr do sports ah?”
i was like “Why leh?”
“cos you damn fair la!”
wahaha i guess there are some visible results now!! =DD

[Review] Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution


i have been using alot of new products starting from last month, trying out new pdts from window shopping and also reading other reviews. one of the new pdt i am trying now is from my Taiwan loot: the famous Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution

this is the 100ml bottle for SGD11 from Watsons in Taiwan. Then after that a friend coming back from HK was telling me the HK promo price is 500ml for SGD23. =(( and so i bought that too – dollar cost average

initially i had no idea what i am suppose to do with this, although i have read that this is like a non rinse make up remover. i am still not v comforatble with removing my make up and cleans with this all in one step daily, so i wanted to keep it for super lazy days where i need to get to bed ASAP. smthg like the cleansing express.

after reading the description over and over, i decided to use this as my night toner. and keep the loccitane rice toner as my day toner… too many choices haha

the description (translation from Chinese): 4 in 1 solution – removes make up, cleanse, tone, moisturize. no need to rinse. does not contain soap. can control oil and tighten pores. after using, skin feels refreshed and clean.

Meant for oily / combination / whiteheads skin. (so me).

directions: just pour appropriate amt on cotton pad and gently swipe over entire face including eyes and lip areas. no need to rinse. can be applied again as toner and moisturizer.

this is me using after washing my face today

i would say its really not bad, the smell is subtle and calming. i tried with make up before, it really does a recent job with removing make up and face feels moisturized and very clean after that. just that i always wake up with sticky skin when i use these 1 step to bed cleaner. not that it is bad for skin, just that i prefer a more thorough 4 step method if i can.
definitely a product to try as your toner or ‘cleanser’ when you are at home the whole day and just want to remove the oil and dirt after some time without washing.

Update 3 mar: i used it again last night and this time i dont get the sticky feeling after waking up. also, skin feels very refreshed and clean and clear.

I am beginning to fall in love more with this pdt. it is so gentle to my skin yet super effective in removing any traces of makeup. i hereby am going to update the rating to 4.5!

Rating: 4.5/5