[Review] Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution


i have been using alot of new products starting from last month, trying out new pdts from window shopping and also reading other reviews. one of the new pdt i am trying now is from my Taiwan loot: the famous Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution

this is the 100ml bottle for SGD11 from Watsons in Taiwan. Then after that a friend coming back from HK was telling me the HK promo price is 500ml for SGD23. =(( and so i bought that too – dollar cost average

initially i had no idea what i am suppose to do with this, although i have read that this is like a non rinse make up remover. i am still not v comforatble with removing my make up and cleans with this all in one step daily, so i wanted to keep it for super lazy days where i need to get to bed ASAP. smthg like the cleansing express.

after reading the description over and over, i decided to use this as my night toner. and keep the loccitane rice toner as my day toner… too many choices haha

the description (translation from Chinese): 4 in 1 solution – removes make up, cleanse, tone, moisturize. no need to rinse. does not contain soap. can control oil and tighten pores. after using, skin feels refreshed and clean.

Meant for oily / combination / whiteheads skin. (so me).

directions: just pour appropriate amt on cotton pad and gently swipe over entire face including eyes and lip areas. no need to rinse. can be applied again as toner and moisturizer.

this is me using after washing my face today

i would say its really not bad, the smell is subtle and calming. i tried with make up before, it really does a recent job with removing make up and face feels moisturized and very clean after that. just that i always wake up with sticky skin when i use these 1 step to bed cleaner. not that it is bad for skin, just that i prefer a more thorough 4 step method if i can.
definitely a product to try as your toner or ‘cleanser’ when you are at home the whole day and just want to remove the oil and dirt after some time without washing.

Update 3 mar: i used it again last night and this time i dont get the sticky feeling after waking up. also, skin feels very refreshed and clean and clear.

I am beginning to fall in love more with this pdt. it is so gentle to my skin yet super effective in removing any traces of makeup. i hereby am going to update the rating to 4.5!

Rating: 4.5/5

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