[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch


i received this eye patch from a dear friend for Xmas last year.. and used it yesterday night. lets see the journey!

This is a gel like eye patch, formulated with Himalayan Raspberry Roots and qua collagen to optimize elasticity. if you read my review on the raspberry sleeping mask , the key ingredient is the Raspberry roots, whcih promises to lift the skin for a taut look.

dont think you can see the gel from here, but there is a layer of ‘gauze’ you can see under the patch, which i guess is to hold the gel together, i place the side of the gauze away from my skin, so that my skin is in complete contact with the gel and not the gauze. hope this is correct!!

i love how cooling this feels as i refrigerated the masks since i had it. the gel is really light and does not sting my eye even though i place it so near my eye.
throughout the next 30-40 min, i can feel the patch getting thinner!!! is it evaporate? absorbed?

went to sleep straighter after and woke up the next morning for inspection…

(ah yes, close up of my skin you can see all my imperfections – please focus on the eye now)
i would say the skin under my eye feels really soft and moisturized. it is more tight as i usually see more fine lines than this.

not bad reallY!! i would certainly use it again for and recommend it for tired and droppy skin under eyes.

Rating: 4/5

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