[Review] My Beauty Diary: Southern France Apricot Mask


i realise i got SO MANY reviews on masks!! this shows how much masks takes up in my skincare regime!
lazy bugger like me loves how convenient masks is to give a quick refresher and boost to my skin.
cheapo like me loves how affordable they are compared to craems and serum and you can change the masks each time!! not be commited to a bottle of serum for months πŸ™‚

i got this from Taiwan in 2010 and FINALLY opened it.

the description claims that French Apricots have astonishing Nourishing and moisurizing properties. queches the thirst of your skin, soothes and nourishes skin that are tight and rough – giving it a new life and brightens at the same time.
Sepcial Property is that it is HIGHLY MOISTURISING

cool, i didnt really want to try this at first cos i dont have dry skin. and im always afriad of over moisturizing substanaces giving my skin a oily rich feel.
but anyways i bought it and can always rely on family members at home to finish it wakakaka!

when i opened the mask, i can really smell the fruity apricot scent seeping throughout the mask sheet. shiok!! its like putting fruits on your skin

let me show you BEFORE pic: (dont be frightened…)

bad lighting.. but this is me on a stay home day lol

slapped the damn mask on… smelling like an apricot πŸ™‚ this mask sheet feels like paper, but still not bad comfy and cold.
by the way the weather in SG today is F hot… cold masks definitely calms my face and my spirits πŸ™‚

45 min later… overrun!!! was too engaged online..

better lighting! it really feels smooth and soft after removing the mask. and im writing this review now, hours later, and I have not used moisturizer today at all.. still feels good and skin is plump. i think this masks is great!! suitable for days in the office where the aircon is drying out my skin..

getting ready for CNY. shall try my nail stickers tmr!!!!!


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