[Review] Missha Cool Fitting Body Gel


finally a review on body gel!

saw this product at Missha at white sands and here’s what it says

looks like smthg i need!! let me show you my unsightly cellulite which plagues my thighs, its like a thick layer of jelly wrapped around a sausague.


you cannot blame me for having thoughts on lipo man

so yes, this looks like just what my legs need!! and skin whitening properties too! im sold.

the gel is light blue in colour, and when you squeeze it out you can smell the menthol striaght away.

this is the amount i squeeze for 1 thigh..

then i will rub my hands together for like 1 second or slap in on my thigh and start massaging it in from there:

feels normal and i will keep on massaging on my entire thigh for 1 min. repeat on the other thigh.

5 min later.

the cooling sensation kicks in. you can really feel the menthol ‘burning’ your skin, and feels like a sudden drop in temperature, as if there is cold towel wrapped around your thighs.
i am thinking if this is just a ‘marketing’ gimmick to add menthol to give the impression that your skin is tightening. you can also smell the menthol like feng you.

other than that, skin is not sticky or greasy, in fact smooth and back to normal. i can even say its smoother.

once you go rinse your hands after application, you realise the ‘smootheness’ also washes away and you can feel the gel coming off your skin as well.

i have been using this for a month, once a day. sometimes i skip but i think abuut 5 days or so i didnt use it. i didnt see see any improvements in my dimpled orange skin… compare to the Clarins High Definition Body Lift, which i feel has better results and smells better too.
skin feels slightly tighter and smoother but does not ‘shape’ my thighs or reduce cellulite appearance which i expect.

I still have half a bottle left, will use finsih and update if i see better results!!
Rating: 2/5

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