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[Review] Tony Moly Tomatox all-in-one Brightening Fluid


Another multi functional product for lazier days. bought this from my Korean beauty haul from iheartkoreanbeauty. This is supposed to be toner, moisturizer and i believed some ‘essence’ all in one. Tomatox range is one of tony moly’s star range and i bought this to try.

As usual, i am baffled at how the korean words behind say the same thing in english, can some expert kindly enlighten me how they understand what is written or why is it written in the english sound?

I only use this a couple of times so far, i really like the smell of this. i will put it on cotton pad first before swiping in on my face.
it is a colourless liquid, but consistency wise is not as thin or watery as your normal toner. its slightly thicker than usual.

after swiping, my face does feel cool and refreshing, and has a slight ‘sticky’ feel to touch after running my fingers over it. this ‘stickiness’ is always felt when i put mult functional pdts.

i guess this is similar to the effect after putting your night moisturizer? for me i using a cream moisturizer so its more ‘greasy’ than sticky. as for the brightening effect, i think it is not very much difference. after my friend used almost 2/3 of the bottle, i do feel its slightly brighter by about 10%?

me after using facing the sun.

Rating: 3/5

New contributor!


Hello everyone! This is my first post on Sweetpots so here’s a short intro about myself. I’m a petite gal who loves to dress up and look naturally pretty chic.

My fashion muses include fellow petites such as Rachel Bilson and the Olsen twins. I try to express personal style at work while still dressing professionally. Whereas my weekend style is relaxed with wardrobe essentials like white Ts, fitted shorts, statement accessories and ballerina flats.

I believe a woman’s biggest beauty asset is youth, and I am always in pursuit of clear youthful and radiant skin. From products to procedures, I would love to try them all. If you meet me on the street, I’m likely to engage you in lively conversation on beauty related topics.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

:: Outfit ::

 Sunglasses – Agnes B
Jacket –
Top – Mango
Belt & necklace – From Korea
Shoes – Aldo
Bag – Charles & Keith

[Review] The Face Shop Marine Stem Cell – Cell revive capsule gel cream


what a long name, i really thought there wouldnt be enough space on the title bar for the full name of the below product.

This is my night cream every night before bed. except on the days i put masks.

interesting. marine stem cell. we all heard so much about it, but do you really know what it is? cos i dont. LOL.

According to wiki, Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. In a developing embryo, stem cells can differentiate into all the specialized cells (these are called pluripotent cells), but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin, or intestinal tissues.

Well, after reading that, i know its suppoese to regenerate some new skin for my skin or new cells. and MARINE would most likely refer to the marine organisms which TFS extract the stem cells from? although i strongly believe the stems cells found in this pft is artificially grown, which is possible according to wiki too. if not where got so affordable right?

doesnt matter. what matters is that it works right? what i expect from this ‘anti-aging’ pdt is to maintain the suppleness of my skin, ensure no fine lines appear, and that my skin wakes up looking ‘revived’.

what i really like about the face shop pdts is the GEL texture for most of their pdts. if you notice, this is the 4th review of TFS pdt and ALL OF THEM ARE GEL LIKE TEXTURE! (you can read about more of TFS on the right tag cloud).
i think thats y it is more popular than other korean brands in SG. cos in the humid hot weather, gel based is the most light and non greasy. it also spreads like a dream across the skin.

aquaish white based gel with white tiny beads. the smell is awesome, not too strong and very marine seaweedish.

this amt is enought for my entire face. i dab in on my cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and start spreading. all after my toner step.

this is after spreading.

this photo is the BETTER side of my face , keke. i really like how it doesnt feel too greasy and i feel like there’s no need to moisturize due to the watery gel feeling.

been using for 3 months and i think its good. no complains about this at all.

Review: Garnier Pure self heating sauna mask


Bought this from watsons when my friend LJ recommended that she uses this for purifying and clarifying. it comes it a pack of 2 so you can use it twice. i rmb its fairly cheap too.

I had Mookata (thai styled steamboat) on the day i first tried this, since there so much oil splattering on my face, so i thot this is a good time to try.

sounds like a good deal right? SELF heating somemore! i’ve never tried a self heating mask before.

Heres the before pictures:

time to open it!!!!!

im surprised to see its a light blue colour, i wonder what makes it blue, copper 2+? (hahaha!) i thought its only zinc and clay stuff. anw i can already feel it heating up on my fingers so i am going to apply on my face quickly. so hard to take photos at the same time.

and there’s really more than enought for my T zone and chin, i even used it on my mom and still got excess

more than 3 min later…

am i suppose to expect visible difference from photos? my camera takes bad macro shots. my pores are definitely more ‘dry’ and it does a decent job in removing oil, altho i applied it after washing my face so there was not much oil to begin with right. i love the self heat part though. the next 3 days, i can see my pores producing less sebum that it normally does =)

normally i use oil control paper to suck up oil on my nose in the day and i really see less oil on the paper the next 2-3 days.

Not bad!

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive double Vitamin C Eye Masks


Another eye care review this week, this one is from the famous “My Beauty Diary” brand, im sure you girls are very familiar with its facial masks, and now they have eye masks!!
i bought this box in Taiwan last Nov. I have not seen in SG yet though.. can ask your friends gg taiwan to buy for you 🙂

here’s the product description:

Functions: lighten dark eye circles, reduce fine lines.

to be placed after toner for 10-15 min, no need to rinse! after removing the masks, massage the essence into the skin for absorbtion. for best results use it for a week consecutively.

you know, i was down to last 2 pieces when i read the ‘for best results use it for a week consecutively.’ line 😦
so i guess mine is not the best results.

i like how this eye masks also has fabric for the top eyelid, instead of only the area below the eye. its really quite interesting.

i feel like some superhero in mask… and also it does not sting the eyes or anything.

after 20-30 min (i usually put longer than instructed), i removed to masks and use my fingers to gently dab the rest of the essence into the skin.
the skin feels moist and firm, and the next morning, the area under my eyes are not dark, i feel like there is a wee bit of diff! imagine if i used it for 1 week everyday man.

here’s the before and after after 2 applications.

fine lines reduced!

honestly, i cant say there is much visible diff, as i’ve only done this after 2 masks, and i’ve no more masks 😦
i was pretty pleased with the results the next day cos after a good sleep the eye area always look more refreshed. and i DID take a photo the next morning using internal camera (which always hides the details)

internal camera. looks almost perfect right?

haha. anyway i would still recommend this cos i feel the undereye area is brighter and moist the next morning, and i want to buy 1 more box to try it consecutively every night ‘for best results’ . (what a sucker for eye care).

[Review] Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack


i dont understand why Korean pdts korean character says the same thing same pronounciation in english.
if you know how to read the korean characters below, it also reads as ‘Innispree o2 pore mask pack’ – wont that not make sense to koreans (who dun understand english?)
i’ve noticed this for ALL my korean pdts.

i bought this oxygen mask from iheartkoreanbeauty, whom seller is awesome and super nice. i rmb its less than $50 but not sure how much.

you know whats so special about this mask? it self foams!! damn cool! i first tried self foam oxy mask from the taiwanese brand beautytalk but the price is really steep.
i really liked the Beauty talk one, which lightens, brightens and lifts my skin. the burst of oxygen really helps my skin to look less tired (supposedly good for smokers too)

so once the bubbles are formed, it will also ‘burst’ by itself.

using iphone internal camera before the mask

no photo of the substance sorry. it is a white colour thick liquid (like shower cream) when you squeeze it out.
you shd then massage it into your face and spread the mask out as much as you can. within 5 sec of massaging u can already see alot of bubbles forming.

and now for a photo during the process

can u see how THICK the foam is?? its really like 2 cm high man..the foam forms very quicly upon application, and your fingers will get foamy too so its quite messy.
you should wash off the mask after all the bubbles have ‘burst’ and gone.
this takes about 10-15 min.

after washing off..

i know the colour is diff from the BEFORE pic.. i cant seem to locate the lighting anymore..=)

here’s another photo using the front camera

i can feel that my skin is smoother, and brighter after this, which is really good! my friend whom had darker skin than me tried and i swear the skin is fairer.

the thing i dont really like about this is that the pdt is really sticky, and your fingers and face will become v sticky when applying… like really sticky. so doesnt feel very natural. and i dont really like that it foams SOOO thick and so much, cos after 10 min my skin doesnt seem to absorb anything and i dont see the leftover foam dissipating so i just went to wash if off.

i always need to wipe and clean the bottle after use cos of the mess..

other than that, i recommend this for brightening, and smokers. the price is also very reasonable. this bottle last me for a year already haha

rating: 3/5

Nude Lips- Kate lipsticks ND


Good afternoon!!! today is one rare day that i write about make up!! im not that good at make up so i dont write that much la.. but i still put light make up to work, enough to not scare ppl off at work and MRT. lol.

so here’s the look that i like but still cannot achieve:

yes! nude is still very in now! I bought this lipstick during my taiwan trip last year in watsons and wah lao their make up is F cheap compared to singapore. and the variety + range of selection IS AMAZING!!! as much as i want to buy alot, i know i prob wont use them until i finish my old ones and will take at least 4 years to finsih new ones. so i end up buying 1 lipstick only.. not bad right~! so now i have 2 in my collection – a bright pink and this nude one.

this is the shade BE-1 which among all i tried is my fave!

i love how creamy this lipstick is, and it glides on smoothly after i put on a layer of lip balm. as my lips are rather dry. still i can see soem creases on my lips after applying a few layers. so close up you can see its not smooth like magazines (i gues they put lip gloss too). but i am happy with the end results.

BEFORE ………………………………. AND ……………………… AFTER

cant really see the diff i think, need to invest in a better camera

using internal camera:

me likes!