Nude Lips- Kate lipsticks ND


Good afternoon!!! today is one rare day that i write about make up!! im not that good at make up so i dont write that much la.. but i still put light make up to work, enough to not scare ppl off at work and MRT. lol.

so here’s the look that i like but still cannot achieve:

yes! nude is still very in now! I bought this lipstick during my taiwan trip last year in watsons and wah lao their make up is F cheap compared to singapore. and the variety + range of selection IS AMAZING!!! as much as i want to buy alot, i know i prob wont use them until i finish my old ones and will take at least 4 years to finsih new ones. so i end up buying 1 lipstick only.. not bad right~! so now i have 2 in my collection – a bright pink and this nude one.

this is the shade BE-1 which among all i tried is my fave!

i love how creamy this lipstick is, and it glides on smoothly after i put on a layer of lip balm. as my lips are rather dry. still i can see soem creases on my lips after applying a few layers. so close up you can see its not smooth like magazines (i gues they put lip gloss too). but i am happy with the end results.

BEFORE ………………………………. AND ……………………… AFTER

cant really see the diff i think, need to invest in a better camera

using internal camera:

me likes!


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