[Review] Innisfree O2 Pore Mask Pack


i dont understand why Korean pdts korean character says the same thing same pronounciation in english.
if you know how to read the korean characters below, it also reads as ‘Innispree o2 pore mask pack’ – wont that not make sense to koreans (who dun understand english?)
i’ve noticed this for ALL my korean pdts.

i bought this oxygen mask from iheartkoreanbeauty, whom seller is awesome and super nice. i rmb its less than $50 but not sure how much.

you know whats so special about this mask? it self foams!! damn cool! i first tried self foam oxy mask from the taiwanese brand beautytalk but the price is really steep.
i really liked the Beauty talk one, which lightens, brightens and lifts my skin. the burst of oxygen really helps my skin to look less tired (supposedly good for smokers too)

so once the bubbles are formed, it will also ‘burst’ by itself.

using iphone internal camera before the mask

no photo of the substance sorry. it is a white colour thick liquid (like shower cream) when you squeeze it out.
you shd then massage it into your face and spread the mask out as much as you can. within 5 sec of massaging u can already see alot of bubbles forming.

and now for a photo during the process

can u see how THICK the foam is?? its really like 2 cm high man..the foam forms very quicly upon application, and your fingers will get foamy too so its quite messy.
you should wash off the mask after all the bubbles have ‘burst’ and gone.
this takes about 10-15 min.

after washing off..

i know the colour is diff from the BEFORE pic.. i cant seem to locate the lighting anymore..=)

here’s another photo using the front camera

i can feel that my skin is smoother, and brighter after this, which is really good! my friend whom had darker skin than me tried and i swear the skin is fairer.

the thing i dont really like about this is that the pdt is really sticky, and your fingers and face will become v sticky when applying… like really sticky. so doesnt feel very natural. and i dont really like that it foams SOOO thick and so much, cos after 10 min my skin doesnt seem to absorb anything and i dont see the leftover foam dissipating so i just went to wash if off.

i always need to wipe and clean the bottle after use cos of the mess..

other than that, i recommend this for brightening, and smokers. the price is also very reasonable. this bottle last me for a year already haha

rating: 3/5


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  1. Hi, can this be used on the eyes as well? Also, is this a makeup remover. Also, you mean you don’t need to message the foam like the oxygen mask for Lady&Skin? Sorry for asking so many questions and thanks in advance.

    • Hi Anne,
      i dont think this can be used for the eye area as the chemical is too strong and can sting the eyes when the bubbles pops
      i massage little bit, but for me its more like trying to spread the product evenly on my face so it foams better. ๐Ÿ™‚
      no worries u are not asking alot!

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