Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive double Vitamin C Eye Masks


Another eye care review this week, this one is from the famous “My Beauty Diary” brand, im sure you girls are very familiar with its facial masks, and now they have eye masks!!
i bought this box in Taiwan last Nov. I have not seen in SG yet though.. can ask your friends gg taiwan to buy for you 🙂

here’s the product description:

Functions: lighten dark eye circles, reduce fine lines.

to be placed after toner for 10-15 min, no need to rinse! after removing the masks, massage the essence into the skin for absorbtion. for best results use it for a week consecutively.

you know, i was down to last 2 pieces when i read the ‘for best results use it for a week consecutively.’ line 😦
so i guess mine is not the best results.

i like how this eye masks also has fabric for the top eyelid, instead of only the area below the eye. its really quite interesting.

i feel like some superhero in mask… and also it does not sting the eyes or anything.

after 20-30 min (i usually put longer than instructed), i removed to masks and use my fingers to gently dab the rest of the essence into the skin.
the skin feels moist and firm, and the next morning, the area under my eyes are not dark, i feel like there is a wee bit of diff! imagine if i used it for 1 week everyday man.

here’s the before and after after 2 applications.

fine lines reduced!

honestly, i cant say there is much visible diff, as i’ve only done this after 2 masks, and i’ve no more masks 😦
i was pretty pleased with the results the next day cos after a good sleep the eye area always look more refreshed. and i DID take a photo the next morning using internal camera (which always hides the details)

internal camera. looks almost perfect right?

haha. anyway i would still recommend this cos i feel the undereye area is brighter and moist the next morning, and i want to buy 1 more box to try it consecutively every night ‘for best results’ . (what a sucker for eye care).

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