Review: Garnier Pure self heating sauna mask


Bought this from watsons when my friend LJ recommended that she uses this for purifying and clarifying. it comes it a pack of 2 so you can use it twice. i rmb its fairly cheap too.

I had Mookata (thai styled steamboat) on the day i first tried this, since there so much oil splattering on my face, so i thot this is a good time to try.

sounds like a good deal right? SELF heating somemore! i’ve never tried a self heating mask before.

Heres the before pictures:

time to open it!!!!!

im surprised to see its a light blue colour, i wonder what makes it blue, copper 2+? (hahaha!) i thought its only zinc and clay stuff. anw i can already feel it heating up on my fingers so i am going to apply on my face quickly. so hard to take photos at the same time.

and there’s really more than enought for my T zone and chin, i even used it on my mom and still got excess

more than 3 min later…

am i suppose to expect visible difference from photos? my camera takes bad macro shots. my pores are definitely more ‘dry’ and it does a decent job in removing oil, altho i applied it after washing my face so there was not much oil to begin with right. i love the self heat part though. the next 3 days, i can see my pores producing less sebum that it normally does =)

normally i use oil control paper to suck up oil on my nose in the day and i really see less oil on the paper the next 2-3 days.

Not bad!

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