[Review] Tony Moly Tomatox all-in-one Brightening Fluid


Another multi functional product for lazier days. bought this from my Korean beauty haul from iheartkoreanbeauty. This is supposed to be toner, moisturizer and i believed some ‘essence’ all in one. Tomatox range is one of tony moly’s star range and i bought this to try.

As usual, i am baffled at how the korean words behind say the same thing in english, can some expert kindly enlighten me how they understand what is written or why is it written in the english sound?

I only use this a couple of times so far, i really like the smell of this. i will put it on cotton pad first before swiping in on my face.
it is a colourless liquid, but consistency wise is not as thin or watery as your normal toner. its slightly thicker than usual.

after swiping, my face does feel cool and refreshing, and has a slight ‘sticky’ feel to touch after running my fingers over it. this ‘stickiness’ is always felt when i put mult functional pdts.

i guess this is similar to the effect after putting your night moisturizer? for me i using a cream moisturizer so its more ‘greasy’ than sticky. as for the brightening effect, i think it is not very much difference. after my friend used almost 2/3 of the bottle, i do feel its slightly brighter by about 10%?

me after using facing the sun.

Rating: 3/5


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