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[Review] The Face Shop Black Head Charcoal Pore Strip


Yes, another nose care related product. Cant help it, my skin on my nose is my least favourite part on my face. alot of visible large pores and must clean them regularly to ensure no sebum gets stuck for too long.
at the same time, i try not to exfoliate too much so as not to further enlarge them or stress the skin.

Personally, i find these nose pore packs is not to remove blackhead, but to prevent blackhead. Dont be misled by the names 🙂

I like pore packs to pull out the sebum which cannot be done from chemical means or physical squeezing. i do this about once a week.

Used this before 5 years ago when i went to Korea and bought it to try and cos its F cheap there. I liked it alot and never really got it again, using other nose care products and the Biore black nose pore pack which is not too bad as well.
Finally i ordered this again from Gmarket!! its repackaged!

the shape is so different from the other pore pack i used! this is not as wide.

really easy, just wet your nose and paste this over. wait 15 min until you can feel it all dried up and hard and can really smell charcoal!!

you want to see what came out? FYI the last time i used a nose pore pack is 1 week ago
get ready
dont be disgusted k…

can you see all the sebum?? damn alot man! SHIOK

this is my nose after.

I really like this because no other pore pack can take out as much sebum as this. i’ve only tried the Biore one and this one tho.. haha.
it becomes really dry and hard so i know its definitely adhering tightly to the sebum.

I always use the Avene thermal spring water to calm down the skin after this. so my skin wont be irritated.

Rating: 4.5/5

New Cleanser to try!


after reading a post from clover beauty inn on how changing from cleansing oil to cleansing cream made alot of difference to her skin i also want to try man!!!

Got the Missha cleansing cream in Cherry Blosson from Gmarket! about SGD18.

just some random pictures i took. will definitely review this once i use it… give me a few months ok lol

my only comment is only 1 sample?? sorry im usually used to 5 -6 samples per purchase even when i buy a $5 product

[Review] Baviphat Miracle Snail Cure Hydro Gel Mask


SORRY for the horrible picture of the mask as i took this shortly after taking out from the fridge and all the water vapour in singapore’s humid air had condensed on it. i hope you can read the description.

THIS IS MY FIRST SHEET GEL MASK and 2nd Snail mask so im really excited to try this!!!

when i took it out of the pack it totally reminds me of the face shop collagen eye patch – also a gel mask with a thin gauze embedded.see here
I am very sure they have the same supplier.

also since it is of gel form, it is SO MUCH EASIER TO handle – putting on the face, adjusting to facial contours. also no worries of dripping essence like sheet fabric paper masks. can we all have gel masks pls!!

fits like a glove – me likes.

so i waited about 30 min – and yes the gel got a little thinner due to absorption supposedly. i was reluctant to remove such a comfy mask but i will.

i really like it. skin feels good and moist. it also calms down the red blotches i had from facial extraction a few days back with no irriations at all. after the mask i put on my vitacreme b12 moisturizer to ‘regenerate’ all the cells i need to recover from extraction. Skin is much better and clearer now 🙂

i will buy again!

[Review] Biotherm Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser toning mousse


Hi everyone, I’ve been travelling hence the lack of posts. Speaking of travelling, I like to try samples cos they are easy to pack. Well, I got this 50ml tube when I bought the gift set (SGD 80) from Isetan during the December holiday period. It consisted of 1 full size Aquasource Gel 50ml with a sample size of this cleanser and also the Biosource toning lotion.


Pefect size for travel eh?

I LOVE the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (for normal/combi skin), and was excited to try this and the toner.

Result: I HATE it. As much as I would have love to love it, I really can’t. This cleaner STRIPS the moisture off my face and left it squeakly clean. It reminded me of a cheap cleanser I might have used years ago.

Once I put on my toner (did not use the biosource sample toning lotion), along with the rest of my travel skincare regime, I felt better. However, by the end of the day, I realised that the area around my eye was REALLY dry, and for the FIRST time in my life, it was flaking (a little, but more than enough).


Notice the area above and around my eye, you can see “white” specks and find lines.

I was really puzzled why when I though it was supposed to be hydraing. Then, I noticed that it was BIOSOURCE and not AQUASOURCE. But, the whole set was in the same color! Aquasource contains thermal plankton cellular water – a nutrient-rich fluid responsible for preventing moisture loss from the skin’s surface but upon inspection of this cleanser, it is not a key ingredient but zinc.

If you would like to try this cleanser, perhaps it would work better if you have dry to normal skin.

THank you so much for reading! 🙂

3/4/12 Update: I don’t like to waste products so I’m using this as a body wash which isn’t as drying compared to using it on my face. It still has a tinge of “squeaky clean” feeling though. But definitely wayyyy too expensive and totally not worth it to use a facial wash as a body wash :s

[Review] Innisfree White Tone Up Skin


Finally its time to open this after finsihing my previous toner. I’ve been wanting to open this asap! Its my 2nd bottle already, tried this last year for the first time.

Yes, in korean products, ‘SKIN’ means toner. so rmb if you are going korea looking for toner, just buy ‘SKIN’.. i think the japanese toner pdt equivalent is ‘lotion’.

my favourite part is to read the korean words (as you might have realised by now), you can read it too. it reads the same way as in english I dont know why:

my limited korean reading brings me up to there only.

why i really like this:
it has 7 free!! SEVEN!!!

Innisfree is known for having natural pdts and do not believe in added preservatives/artificial fragrances, i beleived thats why they are so popular in korea.

i am also very impressed that the printing on the packaging box is from soy ink. really damn environmentally friendly.

time to see another special thing about this toner, the colour!

its a milky liquid, but its not thick anything, just like water but with a milky look.

once poured onto cotton pad, its just like any other toner

you can immediately smell the berries fragrance of this toner. its so distinct and quite sharp. cfm you know its the ‘berries’ smell yet so calm and soothing. really love the smell!!

i bought this as part of my whitening and brightening regime.
From Innisfree site:
“Formulated with fresh berry ingredients to refine skin texture and vitamin B3 to prevent melanin formation, this whitening skin toner helps you to present a brighter and milky complexion.”

[Directions] Smoothly apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck in the morning and evening.

Not bad right, i will get this again. but korean pdts are getting pricey these days. i got mine from iheartkoreanbeauty many months back. hope they still sell it if not must ask friends who go korea to buy.

Rating: 4.5/5

ending with a photo of my idol YoonA from SNSD whom is also the spokesperson for Innisfree ❤

My March Glamabox


A very short and quick post:
This time I am home to receive this from the postman!! I was delighted and cant wait to see what is in it in March.. also thinking to myself it better be better than the February one.

So here it is:

(the black pouch under the hand cream contains the Glamabox charm which can be used in your keychains/bags/bracelet)

i’ll let the pictures do the description.

Woots i cant wait! i will probably pass the Lierac anti wrinkle / wrinkle filling products to my mom.

I like the hand cream, i heard from my friend that the Gardeners range is the most potent one in Crabtree . i still have 2 hand creams which i have yet to finsihed. so these 3 should last me till 2013 end of year.

Clinique colour palette:

im still thinking how is this a ‘spring’ palette. i am not very good in make up and i dont think i can create a spring look with this. i will be expecting more orange and peachy pink hues in a Spring palette. i tried the blush, the tone is abit too dark for my day make up look.

Organix Morocaan Argan Oil Shampoo: i saw this in Watsons many times, but never tried. i will bring this along for my next holiday in April to try!!!

If you want to find out more you can read about my first glamabox post here

[Review] My Beauty Diary Red Wine mask


bought more than 12 boxes of these in different flavour TW in 2010 and i still have not finished!!

this is one of the original series

Abstract below taken from:
Purpose: Anti-oxidation, brightening, firming

Skin type: All skin types especially skin which is dull and lacks firmness

Characteristics: The presence of Anthocyans and Tannins helps to promotes the microcirculation of the skin, allowing the skin to have a natural glow and radiance, maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the skin texture.

Also from their Official website, the main properties is Polyphenol, Anthocyanin, tannins, which are astringents. of cos, red wine usually gives your mouth a dry sensation, and is an astringent. the mask also says it is meant for anti-aging.

I placed it on for 20 min today, removed it and massage the rest into my face, neck and arms 😉

Like all sheet masks, skin feels taut and plump and supple (bloated skin i call it).
i am not expecting visible difference from this masks as it is part of a long term skin care routine to protect and treat the skin.

But here are soem pictures anyway..

[Review] Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm


Remember what i got in my first glamabox?

One of the products is Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm, and i decided to try it for the first time today.

Frankly speaking, i never thot i would need any hair product, as i am proud to say i have good hair quality =X. they are always very soft, smooth and fine.
i’ve permed once, coloured several times and in Dec i rebonded it. the rebond kinda made my hair quality dropped 😦 its no longer shiny and although its straight, its actually very hard to comb through. in fact, i dont bother combing many times and just let it be, luckily it still looks neat and decent.
i cant wait to grow it out…

yesterday my hair is ultra dry and frizzy and unmanageble so thats y i opened this box..

i wouldnt say my hair is ‘chemical’ free but nvm free pdt just try

this is the 15ml tube (retail is SGD5 according to glamabox)

its a very thick vicous colourless liquid, almost gel like

smthg i must say though, i also use Asience Shine Therapy treatment during my shampooing just now, this time putting mroe than usual due to my ultra bad hair days. I’ve used the treatment many times, and it always helps to soften my hair and makes it easier to comb. so the effect of the pictures below is not independant to Phyto only, but definitely improved quality and condition after using this PHYTO balm.

the directions says but a dab on your palm and apply onto very wet hair.
then comb out with wide tooth comb to distribute the gel over the hair,
and relax hair strand by strand spread from root to end. (i couldnt catch if im suppose to apply more dabs strand by strand?)

anw 1 dab is obviously not enough right, so i applied about 8-10 dabs, each time rubbing my palms once to spread out then apply through a section of my hair.
then i went to blowdry to 70% dry

even though my hair is still damp, i can feel its softer and smoother!!!

this is 99% dry.. not bad right!

and once more with flash to see more details

im in love with my hair again!!

PHYTO impresses me with thier botanical ingredients and formula as well, to come up with a solution for hair problems. also they are environmentally frenly, using only glass and aluminium tubes. woots!!

I cant wait to use it again!

Mini Watsons Haul


stepping into Watsons or Guardian always makes me spend $$$. Do you feel that way too? somehow you can definitely find smthg you ‘need’.

well i really went in with an agenda this time to buy feminine douche, and stepped out with more stuff lol.

from Top left clockwise:
Neutrogena Hydrating mask – $2 each
one of my favourite brand of sheet masks

Scholl Medical Sleeping Compression Stockings – $56.90
(more on this next time) i damn want and need this

Lactacyd Intimate Feminine douche – $6.90
the reason why i step in, i finished my douche

Baviphat Miracle snail cure Hydrogel mask – $4.90
since when Watsons carries Baviphat (popular korean beauty brand)?? lets try snail mask!

Botanical Choice Skin Recovery Red Ginseng mask – $2
always see this in Watsons with so many flavours and types and super bright packaging you cannot miss.
the model always have these colourful masks on her face. i always thot its a US brand cos the words are all in english and ang moh model
but googling “PUREDERM” the parent comapny Adwin Korea Corp is from Korea..

cant wait to try them all!!

[LOTD] Pocket Cotton Tee


Supre Edie tee, Warehouse denim shorts (old),
Havaianas (sand grey/light golden), Topshop necklace

Sometimes, throwing on a simple and comfy cotton tee and denim shorts is exactly how I would like to relax in after a week of being in corporate wear. Armed with my iPad, I’m off to an afternoon of some reading and coffee 🙂