[Review] Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm


Remember what i got in my first glamabox?

One of the products is Phyto Anti-Frizz botanical hair relaxing balm, and i decided to try it for the first time today.

Frankly speaking, i never thot i would need any hair product, as i am proud to say i have good hair quality =X. they are always very soft, smooth and fine.
i’ve permed once, coloured several times and in Dec i rebonded it. the rebond kinda made my hair quality dropped 😦 its no longer shiny and although its straight, its actually very hard to comb through. in fact, i dont bother combing many times and just let it be, luckily it still looks neat and decent.
i cant wait to grow it out…

yesterday my hair is ultra dry and frizzy and unmanageble so thats y i opened this box..

i wouldnt say my hair is ‘chemical’ free but nvm free pdt just try

this is the 15ml tube (retail is SGD5 according to glamabox)

its a very thick vicous colourless liquid, almost gel like

smthg i must say though, i also use Asience Shine Therapy treatment during my shampooing just now, this time putting mroe than usual due to my ultra bad hair days. I’ve used the treatment many times, and it always helps to soften my hair and makes it easier to comb. so the effect of the pictures below is not independant to Phyto only, but definitely improved quality and condition after using this PHYTO balm.

the directions says but a dab on your palm and apply onto very wet hair.
then comb out with wide tooth comb to distribute the gel over the hair,
and relax hair strand by strand spread from root to end. (i couldnt catch if im suppose to apply more dabs strand by strand?)

anw 1 dab is obviously not enough right, so i applied about 8-10 dabs, each time rubbing my palms once to spread out then apply through a section of my hair.
then i went to blowdry to 70% dry

even though my hair is still damp, i can feel its softer and smoother!!!

this is 99% dry.. not bad right!

and once more with flash to see more details

im in love with my hair again!!

PHYTO impresses me with thier botanical ingredients and formula as well, to come up with a solution for hair problems. also they are environmentally frenly, using only glass and aluminium tubes. woots!!

I cant wait to use it again!

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  1. I wonder if this works for permed hair…like will it relax the frizz AND the curls. Or perhaps is there another product for that? From Phyto perhaps?

    • i tink this can be u sed for permed hair, i dont see any Phyto range for permed hair. i can pass you this to try!

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