My March Glamabox


A very short and quick post:
This time I am home to receive this from the postman!! I was delighted and cant wait to see what is in it in March.. also thinking to myself it better be better than the February one.

So here it is:

(the black pouch under the hand cream contains the Glamabox charm which can be used in your keychains/bags/bracelet)

i’ll let the pictures do the description.

Woots i cant wait! i will probably pass the Lierac anti wrinkle / wrinkle filling products to my mom.

I like the hand cream, i heard from my friend that the Gardeners range is the most potent one in Crabtree . i still have 2 hand creams which i have yet to finsihed. so these 3 should last me till 2013 end of year.

Clinique colour palette:

im still thinking how is this a ‘spring’ palette. i am not very good in make up and i dont think i can create a spring look with this. i will be expecting more orange and peachy pink hues in a Spring palette. i tried the blush, the tone is abit too dark for my day make up look.

Organix Morocaan Argan Oil Shampoo: i saw this in Watsons many times, but never tried. i will bring this along for my next holiday in April to try!!!

If you want to find out more you can read about my first glamabox post here


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