[Review] Innisfree White Tone Up Skin


Finally its time to open this after finsihing my previous toner. I’ve been wanting to open this asap! Its my 2nd bottle already, tried this last year for the first time.

Yes, in korean products, ‘SKIN’ means toner. so rmb if you are going korea looking for toner, just buy ‘SKIN’.. i think the japanese toner pdt equivalent is ‘lotion’.

my favourite part is to read the korean words (as you might have realised by now), you can read it too. it reads the same way as in english I dont know why:

my limited korean reading brings me up to there only.

why i really like this:
it has 7 free!! SEVEN!!!

Innisfree is known for having natural pdts and do not believe in added preservatives/artificial fragrances, i beleived thats why they are so popular in korea.

i am also very impressed that the printing on the packaging box is from soy ink. really damn environmentally friendly.

time to see another special thing about this toner, the colour!

its a milky liquid, but its not thick anything, just like water but with a milky look.

once poured onto cotton pad, its just like any other toner

you can immediately smell the berries fragrance of this toner. its so distinct and quite sharp. cfm you know its the ‘berries’ smell yet so calm and soothing. really love the smell!!

i bought this as part of my whitening and brightening regime.
From Innisfree site:
“Formulated with fresh berry ingredients to refine skin texture and vitamin B3 to prevent melanin formation, this whitening skin toner helps you to present a brighter and milky complexion.”

[Directions] Smoothly apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck in the morning and evening.

Not bad right, i will get this again. but korean pdts are getting pricey these days. i got mine from iheartkoreanbeauty many months back. hope they still sell it if not must ask friends who go korea to buy.

Rating: 4.5/5

ending with a photo of my idol YoonA from SNSD whom is also the spokesperson for Innisfree ❤


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