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[LOTD] Weekend in town


Hello! hows your weekend? i’ve been really busy recently so sorry for the lack of updates.

one fine sunny Saturday:

This is not smthg that I would normally wear on a weekend as im usually in big teeshirt and shorts for dance and slippers (flipflops). I am very lazy on weekends, sans make up and all unless i have an appt like the day this was taken 😉

and i love how there’s a patch of grass between the road and pavement in Singapore #offtopic

snow tiger top: platinum mall in Bangkok
high waisted pleated skinny pants: Pearlavish

i was having a bad hair day =X

Cargo green leather bag: Charles and Keith

and for my shoes..

Navy blue pointed flats from Mitju.

i am not a heels person and i dont understand how do people wear heels on weekends when so much walking is required. I’ve tried wearing heels sometimes and to work and i cannot last more than 20 min walking in them and i always get them stuck in the grooves and drains 😦

so i try to invest more in flats – from casual to formal. this is the more ‘formal’ one and my first pair from Mitju.

i felt guilty for my wallet initially ($40+?) but this pair is really comfy and sturdy at the same time. i’ve worn it so often that the cost per wear is one of the lowest for my shoes.

[LOTD] Preppy Weekend Casual


Abercrombie & Fitch blouse, Abercrombie & Fitch tori shorts,
Tory Burch clines ballet flat
(royal tan), Kate Spade bag

It’s hot in Singapore and i love my shorts. But sometimes t-shirts and shorts combi may often look like i’m jus plain lazy. Throw on a loose fitting shirt, roll up the sleeves and it looks slightly less sloppy.

I love the stripy details on the cuffs and collar (can’t see from the pics)

Added a bright pop of color with a kate spade tote bag. Roomy enough to hold my essentials, not big enough to overwhelm my petite frame.

One of the 2 Tory Burch shoes I got. Camel color is good all year round. It was only available at the boutique and I didn’t see them at the departments stores. Made from tumbled leather, they scuff easily. THis was just my first wear and look, it has a little bald patch on the toes. Wore them the whole day and I find my flats from Pedder Red more comfy 🙂

My Wedding Inspirations – The Dress


I don’t know about you but to me, the bridal dress means everything to a bride.  As I told a number of people, you have the rest of your life to wear simple classic clothes, but how often do you get a chance to wear a big poufy dress and everyone looking at you?

I was very certain I wanted a dress which is simple and elaborate.

Simple in the bodice. Elaborate in the train.

As far as I could, I wanted to push my sartorial choices to be as couture as possible. I really want to be able to capture the attention of my guests, in a good way.

Here were some of the take away from recent bridal trends:

– Illusion necklines 

I wanted this oh-so-chic-it-hurts neckline so badly. There’s something alluring about a peekaboo neckline which is both classic and trendy. Absolutely mind-blowing beautiful.

A gown from Monique Lhuillier – the toga illusion neckline got me at hello.

– Elaborate train with texture

Since I was a little girl, I would wrap a towel around my waist and twirl around silly. The five year old me would have gotten a kick twirling my long crazy elaborate train. I wanted something tulle so that it’s light yet beautifully textured.

When I showed my colleague my actual gown, she nearly died. She is a bride-to-be and she said she would never wear the dress I chose. I was naturally a bit miffed but I know I can carry out this style with plenty of omph!

– Bling it away!

I’m sure by now, you can guess I don’t shy away from details. I wanted a shiny bodice to balance the insane train I had and I got what I wanted – crystals on the bodice.

Well, I more or less revealed what my wedding gown looks like – you just need to put the three details together and voila, my dress would appear. However, I will not reveal my gown until my wedding is over (I’m superstitious in that way!)

However, I would show you some pictures of me in my ROM wedding dress and some of the dresses I tried.

My hubby and I at our pre-ROM party photoshoot – not sure if you can see the details of the dress. My photographer told me she has never shot a bride in black shoes.

My heritage as a Cantonese bride – the traditional kua. Love the opulence and richness of the dress. Will be wearing this on the actual day.

One of the first few gowns I tried. Liked the look, but canned it because it looked a little dated.

It was between this gown and the gown I ultimately picked. I love the intricacy of the crystal details and how it is edgier than the usual princess-y ball gown. However, the beauty was insufficient to distract me from my dream of a couture dress.

One of the many evening gowns I tried. Love how it made me look super slim and the colour gradient. However, it looked too dark to stand out in a night event.

That’s enough revealing of secrets for one post! Next up, I’ll post up other wedding related stuff as well.

[LOTD] Macau and HK


thats right, i went on a short trip to HK and Macau recently. wanted to do LOTD there but wifi was bad and i had 3G but my hp doesnt allow any apps.

its never too late!!! here’s what i wore in macau one fine day.

Top – Laura Ashley tee from Uniqlo
Bottom – mustard tulip skirt from

bad decision. it was pouring the entire day from 10am to 9pm at least (i dont knwo when it ended as i was in the casino XD).
had to lift the skirt at the back up most of the time so it wont get too wet when climbing steps.

another outfit for HK – simple romper from BKK 🙂

i love how casual and comfy this is. the material is really thick and was thinking it can keep me warm in the <20 degree weather. unfortunately when i wore this HK has turned warm again.
going to the ladies will take a longer time too 🙂

i realise ALL my clothes during this trip had pockets!! what a coincidence. i love pockets – i dont put anything inside but my hands. exclusive parking lots for them.

[Travelogue] Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay & Los Angeles April 2012


We rented a car from Hertz and drove to Lake Tahoe. We put up at a cozy studio via airbnb. The place was clean and Lisa, the host was great!

Our first day, we went out to Northstar and signed up for snowboarding lessons.

See how bundled up I was. Borrowed Chi’s Roxy ski jacket cos I couldn’t bring myself to spend on one. Yes, the slopes here look gentle COS we’re beginners 🙂 After a day of falling, we both ended up with bruised bums and goggles tanlines.

It really snowed pretty heavily that night, which means perfect conditions tmr to snowboard….yay!

Dinner @ Bridgetender with my humongous taco salad. The waffle fries were a god-sent. THey have a full bar but we ordered beer.

Just an hour n our car was covered with freshly fallen snowflakes

We didn’t have snow chains so we decided to walk out/down the hill frm where we were staying to the main road. Check out the snow! But we were lucky, a guy gave us a lift all the way to Squaw Valley cos he was going there to ski too!

This was taken at Squaw Valley and yes we’re in the same gear as yday + helmets

Taken on the drive down as we head to Monterey Bay

@ Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s like no other Aquarium

Chocolate ice cream from Ghirardelli. DOn’t try other flavours cos u’ll just be paying for overpriced Dreyer’s ice cream

Drove along the 17 mile drive @ Pebble Beach

Ha! At least E knows how to change a flat tyre in 10 min

After this it’s on to Los Angeles..

We took the coastal route and stopped along the way

Sea lions sun-bathing

Soon we reached LA, after stopping over at the outlet mall first.

Love Korean BBQ? Soowon Galbi KBBQ is the place to go. We took the set for 2 and were very happy with the variety.


@ Farmers Market. Good coffee & delicious pastries, esp the apple pie we tried.

I heart Yogurtland. Pay by weight of contents in cup. I love fruity flavours

It was surprisingly hard to find krispy kreme

I attacked the original glaze donut before E could snap a pic

We stayed really near Santa Monica beach but it was a dead town

Venice beach was a much better place, buzzling with life. Parking was a bitch,couldn’t find a lot.

A random pepperoni pizza along Venice beach

I guess that’s all the pics I have, we didn’t take alot and I know it was mainly food pics. That happens when the main photographer is E.


Till next time, bye~

[Travelogue] San Francisco & Napa Valley March 2012


The cheesecake factory! That was our first stop after we landed in SFO. Check out that spread! It was supposed to be a snack!

I do love the beets salas and who can forget the sinful Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake. mmmmm….

Ok, we didn’t really do much there so all you’re gonna see are food pics..well, mostly food pics

In-N-Out burger!It’s good and a definite must try. Although I prefer Shake Shack’s burger and In-N-Out fries. It’s definitely more bang for your buck too.

A trip to Napa Valley. A little bubbly never hurt anyone…

Our first vineyard stop @ Mumm Napa. We had 2 flights per couple.

Next, we adjourned to Morimoto, home of the Lim’s favourite Iron Chef.

10 points for presentation 🙂

My favourite was the spicy salmon skin roll

The Lims, our lovely hosts then brought us to Sterling Vineyard for more wine tasting. A great place if you wanna see how wine is made, but I was there more for the sights and the alcohol

Lovely weather and perfect place to just take it all in.


The Lims are great cooks. Delicious food thoughtfully presented.

Victoria – the milk model

See what we found at Cosco! A life-sized bear for jus 30 bucks

My absolute yummy treat – deep fried oreos from The Codmother Fish & Chips @ Fisherman’s Wharf. MUST TRY!

See ya as we embark on our road trip to Tahoe City…

[Review] H&M Conscious Collection


Ever since I discovered H&M in 2008 at Langham Place, Hong Kong, H&M always reduce me to a blithering, wallet busting idiot. I adore H&M for its wearable and affordable fashion, always able to capture the essence of runway trends.

As I flipped through the online catalogue, I thought I’ll share with the readers some of the more noteworthy pieces in the collection. I am ready to part with my money on these pieces real soon!


At SGD$39.90, this cute and flirty number plays up your feminine charms appropriate for a first date. Talk about wallet-friendly seduction!


I can so see this for a cocktail party, church wedding or even a night out with the girls! Love the glamour of the fabric and the intricate details at the neckline & hem. Retails at SGD$ 159


One of the two pieces I made up my mind to buy. Where should I begin? The so-chic shade of green, the embroidery details at the neckline or the absolutely to die for back? I am thrilled at the ways I can match this dress with a bejeweled clutch, and a solid colored pair of pumps. Retails at SGD$139


The hemline of this dress is so this season, but what makes this absolutely divine is the use of the soft chiffon and the burgundy-purple colour of the dress. Such a red-carpet ready outfit with a tousled updo. Retails at SGD$399 (my heart says Yes but my wallet says NO!)


The other piece that I can’t wait to lay my hands on. This burnt orange tone is such a show-stopping colour. Matched with this va-va-voom hemline, how can I resist? I already decided to wear this for one of the gazillion weddings I would be attending this year. Retails at SGD$139

Let’s just cross my fingers that I can get them in my size when I get to the stores this weekend. Look of the Day with Make Up for these outfits? Exciting thought.

[Travelogue] Las Vegas March 2012


We flew from NY to Las Vegas via JetBlue and it was a pleasant flight. Touched down and checked into the MGM Grand. There are a few pics in this post that I took from the net, must be all the gambling we did.

Took a quick shower (a must after a flight)


First meal was @ Grand Lux Cafe, The Venetian. We worked up an appetite walking from MGM to Venetian. See the map. Might look short but it was a good 45 minutes walk, with plenty of distractions along the way.
E was happy with his burger and my pasta was light yet creamy. Portions are huge and our server was nice to box up the rest for us.

Also at The Venetian was the Bouchon Bakery and their very popular macaroons. My favorite is the pistachio one. Their macaroons are also slightly bigger than the regular ones. The TKO (Thomas Keller Oreo) was recommended by the lady but it tasted horrible. I’m not sure why, perhaps we kept it overnight before consuming it but it tasted nothing like oreos. Their croissants were still nice and buttery the next morning.

Casear Palace

Je t’aime Paris

We love the dancing fountains @ Bellagio so much that we stayed for another show. They come on every 15 minutes between 7pm – midnight and day time shows are half-hourly starting at 3pm on weekdays and 12 noon on weekends.

CUT @ Palazzo for their famous steak.

Their complimentary bread and butter rolls were slightly salted and tasted so good. I love simple food.

Appetiser – bone marrow flan with mushroom marmalade. Thumbs up!

We got the Tasting of New York Sirloin. Japanese Wagyu 2Oz, American “Kobe Style” 4Oz, USDA PRIME Dry Age 4Oz. THey each had accompanying sauces but we are a purist when it comes to steak.

A true medium rare. I love how they char one side and it really gives it more bite. ooohh

Do catch Terry Fator show when you are there. A definite hit and pure amazement how someone could sing so well in so many different style through puppets. It’s no wonder why he won America’s Got Talent. DO get your tickets earlier cos they ran out pretty quickly.

Bellagio Hotel lobby. Ain’t that pretty

@ Bellagio’s Flower Garden

We didn’t do much in LV. Gambling and shopping were the main activites and no pics of that 🙂

And we’re off to San Francisco!

Fashion Sins No One Should Commit


For the next few days, I’ll be at a local conference for professional development and from what I observed today, I might as well conduct a simple but absolutely essential workshop – how to look professional at a work event.

My profession is known for many positive attributes but one definite flak we get a lot is our lack of style. Frankly, some look absolutely nonchalant about looking humanly decent to work.

So where was I? Ah yes, fashion sins.

1. Fit Flops or Crocs are not work shoes.

I don’t care how comfy they are. I know my fellow contributor Fen is a fan of Fit Flops, but I cannot bear to see a lady wearing nice clothes with Fit Flops. It kills me a little every time I see this.



Why on earth does the French think that it’s acceptable for their minister to work in Crocs? This is the land of Chanel!

2. Outerwear for work goes beyond cardigans.

I am bored by the number of generic cardigans I see at work. Worse still, when the cardigans look like they are bored as well – dull, washed out and frankly, unsightly.

I can safely say I counted less than 10 women in blazers or outerwear that are interesting. But, men certainly subscribed to a more appropriate dress code.

Not that I think I should be the Goddess of Fashion but here’s what I wore.


White blazer with black faux leather lapels, Bysi
Black lace top, Fairebelle
Black skinny jeans, New Look

I don’t think this is the best outfit but I think I managed to look professional and stylish in my blazer!

3. Wear some make up ladies!

I am brought up to think that make up makes a lady look more presentable and work worthy. I shudder to think of people who don’t want to put on some powder and lipstick for work. If you can’t bloody dress up for work, then why should anyone look at you in a flattering light? Natural beauty does not mean nothing at all. In fact, people spend a fortune trying to look good naturally.

Basic make up should include a powder, brows, blush and lip colour in my opinion.

4. Being fashionable does not mean being crazy.

Day 2 brought more pleasant sartorial surprises. I chanced upon a chic lady participant in a classic white shift dress, light grey tweed cropped jacket and grey heels to match. More interestingly, a Caucasian participant did not let her broken arm (in a sling!) affect her style too much – a floral wrap dress with killer heels (let’s hope she don’t literally break a leg). I was impressed by a Filipino participant in a cobalt blue suit and sapphire (or sapphire-ish) earrings to match.

There is a need to keep a focal point in your outfit to make your outfit pop.

My common dressing style gravitates among these themes:
1) Fierce Glamazon – This is where my love for caged heels ensures this is a recurrent theme. A lot of black and textures like sequins, military influences and even fringes.

2) Classic and Chic – Shift dresses, cigarette pants and clean lines come to mind. Colours will make or break the outfit.

3) Trend-spotting – My imagination knows no limit. My pop-art inspired top from Bugis Street, satin chain-pattern midi skirt from a suburban mall and my snake print tunic from H&M are some samples of my insanity.



Let’s just put it bluntly, my style might not be the stye. However, everyone should take pride in their appearances. Taking baby steps daily can go a long way to create a sartorial goddess in you.

Beauty Secrets on a Budget


I love being beautiful. I love being beautiful without having to eat grass for the next ten years. Therefore, I love SASA for its huge range of products at pocket-friendly prices.

Here are some things I picked up recently.

1. Hope Girl Magic Undereye Magic Cleaner

This little miracle retails at $19.90 and let me tell you, it’s a bloody god send. No thanks to my oily eye-lids, no matter how clean I draw my eyeliner, it always gets smudged at the sides by noon.

With this little baby, I no longer need to tug at my delicate eye area with tissue. This roll-on stick simple removes water-proof eye liner and mascara errors like a dream.

Ratings: 4.5/5 (0.5 marks deducted as it is a tad oily but I can live with it.)

2. K-Palette Teka Oil Control Mat Powder

I bought this because I was looking for an alternative to pressed powder which can help me combat excessive sebum, oxidised foundation without changing my skin tone too much.

I tried this out for today and found that it went quite well with my tinted moisturizer. It kept me oil free/matt for about 3-4 hours and I think it’s pretty decent. Or, I might have low standards. However, my nose still look a bit too oily for my liking. Yikes!

Ratings: 3.5/5. (Good for those looking for a light powder to cover below $20 but might not be fully sufficient to combat the oily T-zone we all dread)

3. Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter

I must say my initial thought about this was “Emma Stone looks so gorgeous!”

I bought the same colour as Emma in this advert – Peach Parfait, a shade darker than what I usually wear. It’s now the colour I wear regularly. I normally get the typical coral pink tone for work because in my profession, red lips ain’t the way to look professional.

Peach Parfait got me compliments – “Wow, this tone makes you look fresh!” I also love the hydrating texture and I can skip my Kiehl’s lip balms routine in the day.

Ratings: 4/5 (the packaging is a little too dated for my liking)

I also bought two other items recently but I need to try it before I can give good reviews – a foot mask and a product for flabby arms (those jiggly fats cause me endless grief I swear)