[Review] Missha Time Revolution White Cure Real Expert Serum


I am on a quest to lighten my skin for the past year and managed to get this as part of my quest (1st pdt is The Face Shop whitening serum). LJ helped me get this in korea and i believed its 26,000 won = SGD$29

even the word “NW” must be written the same sound in korean….??

Why i choose Missha? omg you must really check out their website when you have time, for english the best is the New Zealand’s missha website as it is the most informative!! i can go on all day talking about it and reading it because it is really like reading a bio text book and they really explain the technology they use, the layers of the skin, how the technology of the pdt works etc, the geek in me loves it. and seriously, it really makes me understand what i am using, and yes i will buy it more than those branding marketing packaging which i dont like. so i end up getting 3. please explore the site when you have time.

they have 4 brands and i actually own products from all except MISA. this one belongs to the REVOLUTION range. I noticed the stark difference between The Face Shop and Missha is that all TFS products are in gel form, and Missha is in cream form. ok im getting long winded lets save this comparison for another post.

Here’s the description from Missha NZ site!! i wish i can read korean cos the korea one got diagrams man!!

one read and you know – Missha distinguished itself by science and technology – and its paraben free!!!!

i also like the dispenser head which is hygenic and easy to use – see top photo, which is like the norm for all korean brands ‘serum’ pdts i dont know why.

you can see that the texture is of opaque creamy white and it blends very easily.

initially i am not used to the switch from gel serum to cream serum as i find the cream too thick and feels greasier. after 2 weeks my skin is used to it and now i actually quite like it – no greasy look.
it didnt cause any breakouts for me.

However, it cause 1 whitehead/milla seed for my mom after switching to this and she thinks its too greasy.

i’ve been using this for about 1 month or more and its really growing on me. i do feel that my skin is fairer now 🙂 i have pictures for you but there’s a dark spot in the corner of all my photos due to a camera/lens fault which i cannot rectify.

not too bad right!

i will definitely recommend this and will buy again, but if you have oily skin or sensitive skin you may not take pdts that is too rich like this or it MAY cause some reaction. suggest you ask for samples from the shop or online shops since they are much more generous.

Rating: 4/5 (1 point less for the initial greasy feel)

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