[Review] My Melody X LOVEMORE lavander and lemongress brightening mask


got a bunch of melodyXlovemore masks from the $2 basket at watsons – super love those $2 basket!

i’ve tried this brand mask before and feels its a good mask so bought more flavours this time! i bought all 4 types and im using this one first.

dont you just love the pretty purple packaging? even the bird is so cute. match my nails.

actually the chinese description says it will bring out ‘rosiness’ in your skin too but its not written in english.
my skin was getting really chui (horrible) with dullness, uneveness in texture and big pores recently. damn sad i think its a lack of rest. this looks like it can help! The ingredients looks pretty good and promising. No paraben too.

the sheet itself is so so nothing special. at least it doesnt feel like paper.

removed it after 20 minutes. what do you think? this is using internal cam so resolution is bad.
my skin is definitely more plump and firm – which is a must after soaking in 20 min of liquid.
also, i feel its more refresh as if i just woke up from a deep sleep. i needed to put make up after that and make up was a breeze to apply.


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