[Review] Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask


Engineered to mimic the effects of Bliss spa’s famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial, which instantly delivers  a shot of oxygen, a powerhouse form of vitamin C, time-released antioxidants. This 5 minutes instant mask is great for skin’s everyday metabolism, collagen synthesis, and detoxyfying action.

I’ve always wanted to try this mask. It’s an oxygen mask that takes just 5 minutes! No one can claim that they are too lazy to mask anymore cos it’s so easy to use in the shower too. Do not love it so much that you use it more than 3x a week though.

1. A squirt of orange goodness (smells like orange vitamin c) from the pump dispenser on damp skin. I need about 5 pumps for my face and neck.

2. Spread the product and massage into skin

3. Waiting…you can see the foam forming around the edges

4. After a short 2 minutes, you can see the foam thicken…

This is how my face looks like after ~5 min. Be careful not to put too much around the nostrails and around the eye area cos you don’t want to be unable to breathe (that happened to me on my first trial) and the foam going into your eye.

It smells great and I love how easy it was to use. I’m having abit of an acne outbreak around my temples and the oxygen mask is suppose to help to detoxify them and maybe I’m giving the mask too much credit but they seem to be healing well. The citrusy smell is a GREAT pick me up and so is the frothy texture

Honestly I don’t feel a great difference to my skin after I wash off the mask and I’ve used it twice already. Maybe I expected more from this product given all the raves and the expensive price tag (USD 54 + tax). In terms of moisturizing, I don’t think it gives a whole lot of hydration. Also, my skin doesn’t look any more or less radiant after the mask.

Perhaps it’s too soon to tell after just 2x. I will update again in a month’s time (hopefully with better skin).


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