Back from My Hiatus


Gawd, it’s so not acceptable that I blogged after so long. I’m terrible.

Thank goodness the other two are a lot more dedicated than I am.

So what was I up to? I am getting married this year, so yup my life changing project this year is to be as gorgeous as I can. It’s mission effing impossible if I didn’t start early so I did.

I finally:

  •  lost weight (12kg to be exact for about three months)
  • signed up for regular manicure/pedicure sessions together with brows trimming
  • signed up for facials to help improve my complexion
  • chose my wedding and evening gowns.
  • trolled the Net for hair, make up and shoes ideas.

I get a sense this year, I would be blogging mostly about my wedding preparation. Tell me what you want to know and I promise for the love of everything beautiful in this world, I would blog faithfully.

Let’s get things started. I am excited to start the ball rolling.




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