[Review] Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask


My first time trying an Australian brand! so exciting. got this today from Watsons stash for $2 and i’ve been wanting to do those detox deep cleansing masks for some time since i have not been doing so…

I like orange flavour so this is good!

i super need this cos i just got a zit today on my right cheek!!! fug.

looking at the ingredients list, im quite okay with everythign except the parabens and the fragrance.

anyways i shall just use it and experience it for myself! anw im not planning to put this to sleep or as face cream for a long time – its wash off so shd be okay right.

the content is of a cream texture, light peach in colour, smells like sweet orange candy (orange tic tac) haha.

waited for 15 min till its so dry and hard and every movement of your facial muscle can feel the tightness of the mask. yay. i like this feeling cos its like all the oil and sebum is sucked up.

washing off can be a pain for these type of mud mask because you must rub alot of times to remove the dried cream, and really must rub many times and harder ard the nose area as those are harder to get rid off. i suggest taking a cloth with warm water and wipe out most of the stuff first is easier.

its really water consuming rinsing these types of masks.

after washing and drying:

i feel that my skin is really cleaner, taut, and ‘drier’. i mean drier in a good way – like all the oil under my skin is sucked up. even normal washing does not achieve this type of ‘dryness’ if you know what i mean.

me likes! hope this can help my zit by tomorrow or monday.

Rating: 4/5


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  1. I wonder how will this work on zits alone, as opposed to whole face. I need to get a new clarifying mask soon! My yamano ran out, tried origins but dont’ feel like repurchasing that

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