[LOTD] Macau and HK


thats right, i went on a short trip to HK and Macau recently. wanted to do LOTD there but wifi was bad and i had 3G but my hp doesnt allow any apps.

its never too late!!! here’s what i wore in macau one fine day.

Top – Laura Ashley tee from Uniqlo
Bottom – mustard tulip skirt from smooch.com.sg

bad decision. it was pouring the entire day from 10am to 9pm at least (i dont knwo when it ended as i was in the casino XD).
had to lift the skirt at the back up most of the time so it wont get too wet when climbing steps.

another outfit for HK – simple romper from BKK šŸ™‚

i love how casual and comfy this is. the material is really thick and was thinking it can keep me warm in the <20 degree weather. unfortunately when i wore this HK has turned warm again.
going to the ladies will take a longer time too šŸ™‚

i realise ALL my clothes during this trip had pockets!! what a coincidence. i love pockets – i dont put anything inside but my hands. exclusive parking lots for them.


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