[LOTD] Weekend in town


Hello! hows your weekend? i’ve been really busy recently so sorry for the lack of updates.

one fine sunny Saturday:

This is not smthg that I would normally wear on a weekend as im usually in big teeshirt and shorts for dance and slippers (flipflops). I am very lazy on weekends, sans make up and all unless i have an appt like the day this was taken 😉

and i love how there’s a patch of grass between the road and pavement in Singapore #offtopic

snow tiger top: platinum mall in Bangkok
high waisted pleated skinny pants: Pearlavish

i was having a bad hair day =X

Cargo green leather bag: Charles and Keith

and for my shoes..

Navy blue pointed flats from Mitju.

i am not a heels person and i dont understand how do people wear heels on weekends when so much walking is required. I’ve tried wearing heels sometimes and to work and i cannot last more than 20 min walking in them and i always get them stuck in the grooves and drains 😦

so i try to invest more in flats – from casual to formal. this is the more ‘formal’ one and my first pair from Mitju.

i felt guilty for my wallet initially ($40+?) but this pair is really comfy and sturdy at the same time. i’ve worn it so often that the cost per wear is one of the lowest for my shoes.

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  1. haha yes we met up in the morning and so just in time for using her camera lens for this!! lets do one again tog. at tamp haha

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