[Review] Bioderma Hydrabio Mousse


Bioderma has different range of products for different skin types. This is one of the cleansers for dehydrated and sensitive skin, the Hydrabio range.

I got it off a catalouge as my friend was taking orders from HK. its super cheap there when there’s a sale.

looks interesting as i’ve never used a mousse cleanser before!

How to use:

i dont like it that i have to avoid eye area. cos i am too lazy to use a seperate cleanser for my eye, and i dont have a eye cleanser.


DO NOT BREATHE IN THE FUMES?? i really wonder if there’s smthg harmful inside even though its just a pressurized container.

the nozzle:

me likes! its smthg different from other cleanser. and also cos this reminds me of the icing nozzle that you squeeze on cakes.

MY FAVOURITE PART – pressing out the mousse.

this mousse is really really condensed and thick. a gentle press can result is ALOT of mousse! so dont press too hard. its so condensed that i cannot see any bubbles or air space within the mousse. its just like cream on my hand. bouncy and fluffy.

washing is much easier since i dont have to make foam and can just massage this liberally on my face. and i think i still wash ard my eyes =X
its also easy to rinse off.

NB got 1 pimple 😦

i like how this pdt is not over drying and very gentle with my skin. probably im not used to such hydrating gentle cleansers as i dont have this super clean / dry feeling compared to my other more ‘non gentle’ cleansers.
although there is a ‘alcoholic’ smell which might put you off, i dont knwo which ingredient causes this alcoholic smell.
i guess its just not suitable for my skin type cos this is for dehydrated skin, which im combi/oily type. and it is important to use the correct pdt for your skin type to achieve the best results.


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