[Review] Aqua Korean Hair Salon


I recently permed my hair at Aqua Korean Hair Salon at the recommendation of Syd, my fellow contributor.

This is how I looked after the first round of perming (Will explain why I went through two rounds of perming).


I opted for the Natural curls look inspired by this particular hairstyle.


My decision to perm my hair had to do with my upcoming wedding photo shoot. My completely resistant hair would be a nightmare to work with so I thought some texture would be great.

I took the Korean stylist, Emily. Our serious communication problem was the language barrier. Despite having taken Korean lessons at 19, I cannot hold a decent conversation with her. It was a lot of smiles and sheepish looks from both of us.

Service level at Aqua was great – drinks, snacks and the constant making sure I was comfortable.

Emily was evidently skilled, but she could be a little less rough while washing my hair. However, she gives a killer head massage. Yay to that!

However, the next day, my resistant hair decided to do a diva stunt on me and ended up looking like this.



Not balanced eh? It looked limp and lifeless as well. Was rather miffed but was able to arrange to get my hair fixed at Aqua the next day at no extra charge. I was pretty impressed by the goodwill gesture.


On my way to Aqua. My mom was like “the curls are never going to last till June!”

So, I headed to Aqua again. This time, Emily did a Korean perm for me to make my curls more obvious. image

Feel like an alien onboard the mothership.


Can you see the bowl on my shoulders? Was pretty intrigued by that.

The end result of two perms in 3 days will be revealed in the next LOTD post. But I’m pretty happy with how I look now, that’s for sure.

Go try Aqua if you think that you would wanna try out Korean hairstyling. It’s really different compared to what I normally experience, in terms of techniques. My colleagues said I really look very Korean-y now which is a definite morale booster.

Prices are reasonable for an Orchard Road salon – I paid about SGD$220 for the perm and treatment. When I permed my hair at a rather well-known chain best known for its celebrity owners, I paid nearly $400. Do not expect an opulent and luxurious interior. It’s comfortable and cosy, but the stylists Sophia (who is so pretty! Porcelain skin anyone?) and Emily (I don’t think it was her faux pas. My hair is that resistant.) are really worth a try.

I am planning to do another hair makeover after my wedding. Definitely will go back to Aqua for that.

Check out Aqua’s Facebook page for more information.

This is not an advertorial, just sharing my experience at this particular place.


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  1. hello! i happen to see ur review on Aqua hair salon and i was just wondering how did your 2nd round of re-perming turn out? I also just had my perm done by Emily last week and within a matter or 1-2 days it went flat. And to begin with, before i stepped out of the salon last week, i already knew this wasn’t what i wanted becos it looks kinda different from the photo that i picked and shown her as a sample. Like you, i was pretty miffed by it. Although they have offered a re-perm for me, i kinda lost confidence in her already and i wanted to request for Sophia (who is not available this weekend). I really think the language barrier is one huge problem because she does not seem to get what i want even though to me, having a photo as sample should be crystal clear enough. sighs.

    Hence, i will be grateful if you can share with me your reperming experience with Emily. Thanks! 🙂

    Feel free to drop me an email at: purplepottys@yahoo.com.sg

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hi. I am so sorry for the late reply. Hope this will help. The second of reperming was great – I think Sophia was able to relate what I wanted to get and she suggested a Korean perm (which is stronger and gave tighter curls). The curls look much better and even now (like 6 months down the road), I still get compliments of it being natural.

      I would strongly recommend you to seek Sophia even if it meant a longer wait. Once again, sorry for the late reply.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m Gabrielle from Beauty Undercover, a website reviewing beauty salons in Singapore
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    Warm Regards

      • Dear Marie,

        Thank you for your reply!
        We would be happy to take it down if you are uncomfortable with it on the website so do let us know!
        Otherwise, can we assume that you are okay with us publishing the excerpt?

        Thanks very much! 🙂

        Warm Regards

      • Hi I am ok with my entry being on your website. Just wondering, I will be posting another entry on another salon. There would not be a conflict of interest right? Also, it would be great if you could link the post to our blog 🙂

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