[Review] Missha Flower Bouquet Cleansing Cream (Cherry Blossom)


remember this came in the mail a few months back? i have decided to switch from cleansing oil to cleansing cream, partly because i want to try smthg new to see what i have been missing out on the last few years, and who knows it could be better for my skin too. i’ve been using cleansing oil for the past few years as my make up remover cos it is the SIMPLEST and MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to remove make up. every damn tract and particle comes off in 1 swipe and so delicate that i use it on my under eyeliner and dont feel anything.

the cream is really thick and soft, like those baby johnson’s moisturiser. the scent is really strong in my opinion, i would prefer it if it is more subtle.

with flast

without flash

time for my stress test: using concealer as a base and all sorts of make up over it. let it dry for 5 min.

takes alot of rubbing to remove the stubborn eyeliners and mascara as compared to cleansing oil. in fact i had to rub for 1 min or so which is too long for my std.
with cleansing oil maybe 20 seconds.

after that, i proceed with my Avene Cleansing gel and towel pat dry.

results: clean bare skin

i’ve used this for a few weeks, i find it hard to rinse off the cream, especially on the sides of the nose and ard the eyes where the contours are more ‘hollow’. i have to use more water to rinse cum rub the cream of these area.
the cleansing power is definitely not as good as cleansing oil.

what disappoints me about this is that i cannot wash my eye make up properly esp mascara eyeliner as this stings my eyes when i massage near them.. 😦 so i am using normal cleanser as my eye make up remover.

other than that, it is a decent pdt to have, and it certainly didnt cause any milla seeds which is why i change to a cleansing cream. so that part is pretty impressive..!!

i have not decided if i want to continue with this.


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    • i get milla seeds but i didnt know frmo what, i thot its just natural part of growing up.. haha. now is have but not so much.

      • oh, cos i read/heard that we should avoid using oil base products on eye area as they will cause milla seeds. another reason could be ur eye products are either too rich or u use too much (amount)

      • haha i dont use eye cream! maybe once a weeek. so most likely is the oil cleanser =)\

      • Yeah, cos u know Shu umuera’s famous oil cleanser? Their beauty advisor said not to use on your eyes, just face!

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