[Review] L’Oreal Instant Radiance Facial Whitening Mask


i have been overwhelmed lately at work so Quick review!

This mask is smthg new to me as I do not recall this series being advertised. but yay i love trying new products!

Chinese test for me (translation):
l’oreal paris first whitening mask contain ‘Melanin-block’ and vitamin C, quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin.
After use, skin will instantly reveal radiance and glowy transparent skin.

Can be placed on skin directly after wash, avoid eye area.

this must be a PRC mask cos its in simplified chinese. HAHA.

Review: the mask sheet is really wide and needs some adjusting to cover my face properly. the cotton sheet mask is really soft.
as usual, i think i accidentally wore it to zzz and peel it off in the middle of the night.

the next day, i dont feel much diff in terms of fairness and i dont expect any anyway since its just 1 mask. radiance wise.. i let you judge. dont see much diff also. the photo was taken facing the morning sun.

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  1. Hello! Are you currently still using this mask? I tried it once this year but unfortunately it’s no longer on the shelves. If you happen to know where there’s stock, do let me know =)

    Thank you!

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