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Sunset Wedding @ 1-Altitude


Hey everyone, I was at Stellar @ 1-Altitude last weekend celebrating the union of Eileen & Alvin.

I love how they wrote their own vows cause it’s that much more personal. Words are a powerful thing. What you say to others and how you say them has an impact more than you could ever know. It was an emotional episode as the bride read hers our loud while choking back tears of joy. Even I got a lil teary-eyed. Words, gestures, actions . . . All very powerful.

It’s kinda like being at the top of the world and declaring your love for one another during one of the most romantic moments of the day – sunset

Of cos the bride was lovely in white+lace

Topshop dress, Vintage belt & necklace, Triselle stud earrings, Steve Madden clutch

Instead of classic black (or white), I though the vibrant green would be more cheerful and suitable for the occasion. Not to mention green looks extra gorgeous during sunset 😉

A lovely view of Singapore city skyline

Scenic pics by Martin from MLC Productions

[Review] H&M Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask


H&M is really getting pro – they’ve expanded to even skincare which i never thot a fashion giant would.

a friend of mine bought this for me from HK and he doesnt know what my skin type is but i am actually delighted to get this since time to time we need to clarify. more so in Singapore’s humid weather making my skin v oily.

smells really YUMMY. the texture is really thick and creamy. my advise is spread fast as it starts drying up pretty quicky too once exposed to atmosphere.

one packet is enough for 2 applications so i will seal it up with tape after the 1st time and leave it in the fridge.

about 15 min you can really feel tightness on your face and you cannot move a single muscle in order not to cause any cracks/folds in your skin.

super dry and i hope its sucking up all the oil

my least favourite part of this mask. RINSING OFF.
i spend alot of time rinsing off the mask, cos firstly i spend some time to wet the mask to make it creamy enough to wash off, and its really stubborn on the skin.
i suggest rinsing for about 30 sec and using a paper towel to wipe off most of it first before washing again. even after washing once i still spot some stubborn mask on forehead and sides of my nose =x

i can say this clarifying mask is good – pores are def cleared and skin become ‘dryier’.
hence i slap on my moistuirizer after that and all is good.

this retails for HKD19.90 which is about SGD3.40. i would think its expensive but for 2 applications its actually quite affordable.

[Review] THE FACE SHOP Sseal Rejuvenating Escargot Mask Sheet


The very first time I heard and tried a snail product was when MJ came back from Seoul last year and bought snail sheet masks for us 🙂 I totally loved that particular mask but I can’t find it online. It’s a gel texture with a separate eye (or was it lips) mask. So this time, when Jovan’s sis was on vacay in Korea, I jumped on the chance to reconnect with snail masks.

There are many snail masks in Korea and today we have the one from The Face Shop.

Contains 30% of filtered escargot mucus

I have no idea what the Korean words mean, probably talking more about the product and its benefits. Doubt it’s just instructions cos there’s only 1 line in English at the bottom on that and there’s no unique precaution in using this mask. But do take note not to store it in the refrigerator since they mentioned to avoid hot or cold places.

20120624-105703.jpg 20120624-105708.jpg
It’s a 2-piece mask which will adhere nicely to most face shape.

Close up on the texture. It’s a thick stretchy paper material.

Many sheet masks usually have extra essence or are super wet when you first open the packet. However, this mask seems a little drier than what I’m used to or expected so I couldnt’ extend the goodness to my neck and décolleté. After 20 min, I removed the mask and massaged the remaining essence into my skin and let it air dry. About 5min later, it felt like it was all absorbed but when I touched my cheeks, there were sticky. A pretty strange feeling cos when I made faces to test if it’s sticky, it doesn’t feel that way even when I squint my eyes or shut it real tight. So in the end, after another 20min it was still sticky to touch, I washed the excess off and apply toner + moisturizer. If you’ve read my previous reviews on sheet masks, I dont’ like them sticky. But perhaps, there is a madness to all this stickyness. Maybe the stickier the better it locks the goodness in?

Got it @ USD 38 for 12 sheets in Korea
Saw in on qoo10 (gmarket) @ SGD33.90 for 5 sheets

[Review] Missha Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Defending Cream


why does korean pdts have such long names, i still wonder.

today im going to review smthg that i’ve been using for last 3 mths, featuring

Missha Super Aqua Marine Stem Cell Defending Cream

the next 80% of my entry will be LIFTED from the Missha NZ website. i really LURVE how informative the site is on Missha pdts, you must see it for yuorself. Missha must have a very big presence there man. (they even have a hotline for orders and consultation!)

Marine stem cell power makes your skin moist and radiant!

Recommend to

– mid 20s ~ mid 30s

– Who has dehydrated, rough and dull skin

– Who wants richly moist skin care series

– Who wants to get moist and firm skin care benefit at the same time

did you see this!

4 free mild formula :

Paraben free, Colorant free, Mineral oil free, Benzophenon free!!!!

this cream is white and creamy, but not very thick so its easy to spread and absorbed by the skin.

it is also scented but not strong

i use this at night before i sleep on nights when i dont do masks.

Cleanse > tone > Missha defending cream

As this is cream based, it makes my skin looks oily after application. the oiliness stays on actually. I am fine as long as it doesnt cause breakouts.

by the next morning, my skin is back to normal. it hydrates my skin throughout the night and i can feel my skin is more nourished.

after application

worth a shot!

[LOTD] Floral Cottons


H&M dress, Salvatore Ferragamo belt, Pedder Red pumps, Kate Spade bag, Agnes b Sunglasses

Hi everyone! It’s been awfully hot & humid lately over here in Singapore. One of my favourite outfits for this sort of weather is the cotton sundress. And I just love skirts & dresses with pockets even though I hardly ever utilise them to put anything other than my hands.

The dress has an elastic waistband so you don’t really need a belt to define your waist. Usually I would pair this with another lighter colored belt, or a woven one but they are missing? ha!

The floral prints are very fitting of this hot season

I could do without the exposed zip at the back cos I can easily put the dress on without unzipping it.

What are some of your favourite getups for summer?

[Sponsored Review] Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask


I have been facing alot of stress at work the last 2 weeks with very depleted sleep and its really showing on my skin these days – tired, dehydrated skin and poor oil control.

My busy schedule limits my skincare regime to cleanse, tone, mask before going to bed, and I’m delighted that the nice ladies at Rachel K sent me this!!

Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask

Look at the benefits!! its smthg that i really need. badly.

Did you know…

Hydrogel masks deliver 11-18% more moisture than traditional skincare sheet masks. Hydrogel melts onto your skin, reacting directly to your skin’s temperature. It effectively locks in moisture, which its Trans-Dermal Technolofy allows hydrating agents to penetrate at level twice greater than other moisturizers.

This easy-to-use mask has stem cells extracted from the lotus flower, which promotes the division of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s intrinsic ability to renew itself. its gel-like texture contours to your face leaving it soft and hydrated, while refining the fine lines and wrinkles. its cool and refreshing formula, coupled with powerful bio-cleansing abilities, remove dead skin cells, cleans, refines, and leaves skin smooth and glowing. For normal, oily, or acne-prone skin, its natural extracts work to clear out pores without irritation while its hydrating ingredients deliver oil-free moisture, ensuring that your skin is never over dried and always beautifully vibrant

You can also see from the ingredients below that there’s alot of natural goodness in this mask <3. i’ve never seen a mask with so many extracts before!!! pro!

you can also see its made in Korea! cant wait to try already.

this is my BEFORE picture:

can really see fatigue… 😦

this is a gel mask! its my 3rd time using a gel mask and YES i prefer gel mask to sheet mask. its more cooling and you can literally see the absorbtion when the mask sheet gets thinner. it more fun putting jelly on your face right?

this masks comes in 2 parts, one for the upper half of your face until the cheeks.

the lower half covers the lower cheeks, chin,and upper lip area.

the transparent colourless mask is lined to a plastic sheet which you need to peel off before placing on your face. I have some difficulty opening the mask to put on my face as the mask is so soft. but it does not tear. just be gentle when opening.

you will need to spend some time to soothe out the mask on your face.

the mask is really cooling! for the next 40 minutes i keep touching my own face cos its soft and cooling lol.

40 minutes later…

sorry i did not take a BEFORE photo of the mask sheet as my hands are covered with the essence and cant take.

the mask did become thinner, and the essence absorbed.

(i spend the next 3 min playing with the mask sheet – the material is really strong cos it doesnt tear no matter how hard i pulled =X)


got improve? i feel that it is definitely more radiant and of cos plumped with essence haha.

maybe my pores are hopeless case so i dont feel that my pores become refined.

and what i really love is how make up glides on smoothly after that. this is me with BB cream only

throughout the day i did not blott my face at all until 6 hours later. i noticed my blotter does not have as much oil as before. =D

i am pleased with this mask and would recommend this to anyone who is troubled with dull skin.

What i like about it:

1) gel material

2) 30ml of goodness (compared to 23ml of usual sheet)

3) Research was well done in creating this mask

4) the composition/ingredients of the mask

5) skin calming and cooling effect

6) good oil control

Retails at SGD5.90 at Watsons starting July.

On a not so related note, for those who do not know, Rachel K is a homegrown Singapore brand and i am proud that this brand has come this far. i rmb it seeing their make up pdts some years back and the brand has really grown over the years. From my own experience and observations, i can really sense the commitment of Rachel K’s to making good cosmetics. keep it up 🙂

by the way, you can find Rachel K products exclusive at Watsons outlets

[Review] Goodskin Labs Collagen Facial Treatment and Deep Wrinkle Filler


It’s always sad to see my skin look so dehydrated and aged after travelling. Despite my best endeavours, I am not able to reverse the effects of ageing.

My skin grouses:
1) Lack of moisture in skin and signs of lowered
2) Acne prone skin
3) Fine lines under my eye (no thanks to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes)

When I caught sight of these products from US-based Goodskin Labs at Duty Free Singapore at a decent price, I decided to take a shot.

Collagen Facial Treatment retails at DFS for SGD$61 and Deep Wrinkle Filler at $55.


The texture of the Collagen Facial Treatment is thick but does not give a sticky feeling. Also, I found that it provides some oil control when I use my tinted moisturiser and loose powder. The instruction was to focus more on the cheeks.


Application of the Deep Wrinkle Filler is done directly on the lines itself. Light patting of the liquid into the lines until it fills up. ( Now you know my problem areas!)


After my first application, I noticed that my cheeks appeared less saggy and more hydrated. I also like the fact the creams are not scented artificially.


Will monitor the results for 4 weeks to see the effects as claimed.

Meanwhile, I think these products have a lot of potential to be a staple feature in my skin care regime.

[Review] Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream


I’ve tried the entire range of Laneige Water Bank Series and first used it during my 2 weeks trip to Europe during September 2008. Instead of the one-step toning I was used to, they have a two-step for this. Namely the refiner and emulsion step. After 2 weeks of using the entire series, my skin was agreeing with the products so perhaps there is something to the additional toning step. While I havent been faithfully using the entire series, there is one item I’ve found myself repurchasing over the years which is the Water Bank Gel Cream. If my memory serves me right, this gel cream formula wasn’t yet available in 2008 when I first tried it. It was the hydro gel (combination to oily skin) and now they have both a gel cream (combination & normal skin), a moisure cream (dry to normal skin) and an intensive cream (dry skin) for different skin types.

A gel-type moisture cream that soothes the skin with a cool, invigorating texture. Supplies moisture and soothes the skin with a non-sticky, refreshing texture. A translucent, supple gel-type cream that quickly penetrates into the skin for an instant cooling effect and smoothly adheres to the skin that is fatigues by heat to supply moisture.

Product Benefits

– A 24-hour long-lasting moisture cream that supplies moisture and soothes the skin with a non-sticky, refreshing texture.

– A translucent supple gel-type cream that quickly penetrates into the skin for an instant cooling effect and smoothly adheres to the skin that is fatigued by heat to supply moisture.

– Centaury Extracts with redness soothing properties protect the skin from the harmful aggressions and aloe extracts forms a protective moisture barrier to retain moisture and soothes the skin.

The glass jar is rather heavy

A mini spatula is included within every box to prevent contamination when scooping the product out of the jar.

I will transfer this amount to the palms, spread it on both palms first before applying & patting it into my face.

♥ the smell..all Laneige products smell so nice (but prolly scented)
♥ Fast absorption
♥ Cooling sensation upon contact with skin
♥ Non-sticky texture

▼ While the spatula is a good idea, it’s not very practical to use and keep since there’s not holder. And you have to clean it after each use
▼ Refer to the pic of me scooping the product out from the jar, the gel under the rim of blue surrounding the opening is really hard to reach
▼ May not be hydrating enough on certain days

Retails @ SGD52 for 50ml

p/s. Another very very similiar product I’ve tried and equally like is the Biotherm Aquasource Gel moisturizer (green jar) but that is way more expensive @ SGD69 for 50ml.

June Glamabox + My first Bellabox


you know i have subscribed to Glamabox for SGD18 per month for a box of samples and goodies to try every month.

Read about it here and here

to share my honest feelings, i felt that most of the pdts every month is not targetted for my skin type/age group.

most of the stuff are anti aging. while i know anti aging habit shd start from young, I am really not that into hardcore anti aging at this time. these pdts seem to be targetted at middle age group so i keep asking my mom to use the samples.

(i actually went to unsubsribe…. =X)

but i was surprised to get the June box, which is probably my last box. and this June box is the Summer theme box. i am impressed with what they have this time!

woots looks not bad already..

reading the list

I am most intrigued by this: Ankang Beauty Restoring Essence. collagen drink!!

i am very interested to try all those above! but you know what… i am very slow in using products – even though they are samples. I have not even used some of the items in the May’s and April’s glamabox. these items keep on piling up but i dont knwo how am i going to start trying without finishing the previous stuffs.
oh no i dont want my room to be cluttered with these backlogs.

pls leave a msg if you want ANYTHING.  i dont mind giving away unopened items. these are perfect for travelling.

i dont want to clutter up my room so need to find a store for them and try to use up asap.

Recently, i read about another beauty box available in Singapore and its only SGD15!! i know there are a few ard, some more expensive and this is the cheaper one. im not cheapskate but after reading the past few items in their box, the pdts they offer every month suits my interests more.

So yes – i subscribed!!

Featuring my first Bellabox (received in May)

i already fell in love with the packaging. its fabric bag!!!!! i can reuse it to store my barang barang (Malay word for articles/items/commodities). i always need these kinda bags.

The Bellabox will have 5 items every month.
and it even came with vouchers if you want to buy the full size product – pro!

i have not used ANY item but i will try the Cellogist Youth Guard Cream soon.

And I have received the June’s Bellabox last week but i refuse to open. cos it just adds on to my stack of unopened products. BUT I AM RESISTING COS I SAW THIS FOR JUNE:

*hyperventilate* hope i get the 5 that i like

i do not dare to count how many samples that will be sitting ard (guessimate: 20) Fudge.

so i guess i did the right thing by limiting to only 1 box.


[Review] Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA – Shade 1


today is your lucky day cos im doing a Makeup review.

i have to admit that this is a super overdue post and i wish i had done this earlier.

BB cream needs no introduction im sure. i’m a fan of BB creams cos im lazy and BB creams are multifunctional pdt.

it is my sunblock, make up base, foundation, moisturizer all-in-one – super functional right.

and this pdt is super established in the market so i think many of you have moved on to other BB creams.

An excellent soothing treatment with UV protection (SPF20 PA++), it especially suits people with sensitive skin. This cream leaves skin feeling moisturized while it corrects skin tone for a naturally air-brushed complexion.

here’s a photo of my hand before the BB

alot of veins hor 😦

love the watery consistency of this BB, its not too thick or cakey and blends like a dream

my makeup routine to work is limited to 5 min max and i love how this blends in 30 sec with my fingers, thanks to the watery aloe vera formula.


very natural right?? as if i did not put make up at all.

thats what i really like about this. on days that i look horrid and just need a v natural look cos i dont feel like wearing make up i just apply this thats all. no powder no nothing. and ppl would think that i have good skin without make up lol.
it doesnt create too much shine but a matte look.

naturally my face will secrete oil and for this i will need to blott after about 5-6 hours.

this is my 3rd bottle too! it retails in Singapore for SGD38 but my advice is BUY ONLINE. i bought for SGD18 if im not wrong but i just checked gmarket selling for $14.50 =X

here’s one of the looks i used with this BB cream and loose powder. and good photography 🙂