[Review] Guardian Caviar Face Mask


another mask review from moi 🙂 i came across these while browsing guardian and these were for $2 each, buy 2 get 1 free! the masks market must be really lucrative cos this is def smthg new for Guardian (a drugstore) to have its own line of ‘luxury’ masks…

i have been not sleeping well last 2 weeks and i thot i shd pamper my face sicne i had a super late night out and i have a wedding dinner to attend today.

nowadays masks goes beyong basic moisturizing and repairing, in my opinion they are getting more multi functional and have added lots of good food for our skin

slapped it on my skin and went to bed. my body will automatically remove the mask somehow during my sleep haha.

when i woke up skin is slightly greasier than usual, due to the mask essence layer on my skin perhaps, but still soft and smooth.

this is really fresh out of bed!!!

i think its not bad! of cos i chose the most flattering photo but i only slept 5 hours and looks like i slept 8 right? haha

i stil have tons of masks so i will use those first before buying more masks. but i think its really worth a shot.


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  1. Heya, any further review about this product? Whether or not you see some improvement after a few usage? Or perhaps whether you’ll purchase it again.

    • HI wanton, i used this mask twice so far. i wont say there’s visible improvement but it does make my skin more nourished and supple the next day. i will buy agian 🙂

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