Mini Watsons Haul


went in with the intention of buying the Slimming tea, came out with so much more.

btw i didnt buy the slimming tea to slim down. it was recommended by a fren as a detox tea, and i thot i would give it a shot since i ate too much oil and junk recently. after reading the ingredients list, i am pleased that its just 8 types of tea leaves merged into tea sachels, nothing chemical about it 🙂
already tried one this afternoon and its nice! hope my body will be cleanse.

as for the masks… BUY 2 for $2! OF COS I BUY LAH. and i actually tried the vitamin C one before when i was in taiwan (read here) and now SG selling it with a cheap pricetag so i must get it!!!
and mix and match allows me to try the whole range!!! dont need to commit to a box of 8. i am trying the charcoal & cypress facial mask tonight. cant wait man.

if its impressive i will post a review haha.

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