[LOTD] another Dinner outfit


May was filled with Wedding dinners for me and here’s what i wore for my 1st wedding dinner in May πŸ™‚

Tadleigh Toga from lovebonito

i had the corsage as i had the honour to be one of the “sisters” of the bride.

i bought this dress for chinese new year this year so this is the 2nd time wearing it.

i dont really have togas in my wardrobe and thot it would be quite nice to expose only 1 shoulder and have the other one fully covered.

i like the rauched details of the dress and the embellishment one 1 shoulder.

HOwever, this dresss is made of cotton with no lining so i felt abit insecure. abit too thin and cannot keep me warm in the cold air con in Singapore buildings.

and i think my thighs are too fat, because the dress keep riding up and i spend every minute pulling it down.

As for my foot wear, its simple grey suede heels. this is SGD 29 from Bata during a sale. I love Bata sale!! they always have classy safe designs at cheap prices. the shoes are lasting, but not comfy for long walking.


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