[Review] Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA – Shade 1


today is your lucky day cos im doing a Makeup review.

i have to admit that this is a super overdue post and i wish i had done this earlier.

BB cream needs no introduction im sure. i’m a fan of BB creams cos im lazy and BB creams are multifunctional pdt.

it is my sunblock, make up base, foundation, moisturizer all-in-one – super functional right.

and this pdt is super established in the market so i think many of you have moved on to other BB creams.

An excellent soothing treatment with UV protection (SPF20 PA++), it especially suits people with sensitive skin. This cream leaves skin feeling moisturized while it corrects skin tone for a naturally air-brushed complexion.

here’s a photo of my hand before the BB

alot of veins hor 😦

love the watery consistency of this BB, its not too thick or cakey and blends like a dream

my makeup routine to work is limited to 5 min max and i love how this blends in 30 sec with my fingers, thanks to the watery aloe vera formula.


very natural right?? as if i did not put make up at all.

thats what i really like about this. on days that i look horrid and just need a v natural look cos i dont feel like wearing make up i just apply this thats all. no powder no nothing. and ppl would think that i have good skin without make up lol.
it doesnt create too much shine but a matte look.

naturally my face will secrete oil and for this i will need to blott after about 5-6 hours.

this is my 3rd bottle too! it retails in Singapore for SGD38 but my advice is BUY ONLINE. i bought for SGD18 if im not wrong but i just checked gmarket selling for $14.50 =X

here’s one of the looks i used with this BB cream and loose powder. and good photography 🙂


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  1. I rem u got 1 fr me last time. When I wanted to use it, it has dried up. Sad. V nice pic btw! Ur face so much slimmer now

    • wah raelly sian.. i buy another one for u? haha. thanks i think some angle then slim. others still quite bah bah

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