[Review] Goodskin Labs Collagen Facial Treatment and Deep Wrinkle Filler


It’s always sad to see my skin look so dehydrated and aged after travelling. Despite my best endeavours, I am not able to reverse the effects of ageing.

My skin grouses:
1) Lack of moisture in skin and signs of lowered
2) Acne prone skin
3) Fine lines under my eye (no thanks to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes)

When I caught sight of these products from US-based Goodskin Labs at Duty Free Singapore at a decent price, I decided to take a shot.

Collagen Facial Treatment retails at DFS for SGD$61 and Deep Wrinkle Filler at $55.


The texture of the Collagen Facial Treatment is thick but does not give a sticky feeling. Also, I found that it provides some oil control when I use my tinted moisturiser and loose powder. The instruction was to focus more on the cheeks.


Application of the Deep Wrinkle Filler is done directly on the lines itself. Light patting of the liquid into the lines until it fills up. ( Now you know my problem areas!)


After my first application, I noticed that my cheeks appeared less saggy and more hydrated. I also like the fact the creams are not scented artificially.


Will monitor the results for 4 weeks to see the effects as claimed.

Meanwhile, I think these products have a lot of potential to be a staple feature in my skin care regime.


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